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  1. raorIU

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Haha, yes, good times
  2. raorIU

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Who was the guy on the old Scout forums we were up all night for? Candles and whatnot ... that thread went over 100 pages (1000 posts if I remember correctly).
  3. raorIU

    IndyCar thread

    I worked there for 5 years. Probably the best possible buyer if it had to be sold as Penske operation is intimately familiar with how IMS / Indycar operate. However, leaving the Hulman family will definitely change things. I used to describe it as the largest family business ever. Tony made decisions that may not have made strict business sense, but were from the spirit of tradition/pride. I don't expect that will persist with Penske.
  4. Watching via Fix Sports app directly on Smart TV. It's unwatchable, the judder is giving me motion sickness. Anyone else having problems?
  5. raorIU

    College Football Thread

    I was at the game. There were multiple stadium-wide chants of "UCLA" after that. I kinda hope a new way to taunt USC was born.
  6. Ball State looks bigger and stronger on both sides of the ball
  7. Hmm ... mutual, didn't bring in the recruits, or couldn't work with the other staff?
  8. I think this thread may finally be over. Where do we go from here?
  9. Also, Devonte was hurt - looked he hyperextended his knee slightly - when 2/3 Wichita players landed on him out of bounds. He was in obvious pain, I wouldn't blame him for not accelerating after Juwan's sloppy outlet pass.
  10. Race had absolutely no clue what he was doing on either end of the court
  11. Foul on Juwan was announced as on Al here at Assembly
  12. Kinda wish warm-ups had an organized free throw segment. Props to Deron though, he's shooting nothing else while everyone else jacks up bricks from three.
  13. Just throwing a familiar name out there for fun no comment on immediate eligibility: Kris Wilkes
  14. My mistake, I see 1 minute for him in final stats - I must've must missed it.
  15. Since I don't see it elsewhere, why was Race held out? I'm assuming if available he would've gotten on the court at some point.