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  1. Just throwing a familiar name out there for fun no comment on immediate eligibility: Kris Wilkes
  2. My mistake, I see 1 minute for him in final stats - I must've must missed it.
  3. Since I don't see it elsewhere, why was Race held out? I'm assuming if available he would've gotten on the court at some point.
  4. raorIU

    IU basketball becoming irrelevant

    Great post - one note and one correction: Sam Gilbert is the UCLA guy, not the sad-sack cartoon most famous for it's necktie. And, most important, Kentucky was a den of villainy long before Cal got there.
  5. Can I even bring myself to watch this, not sure.
  6. Rightfully so in my opinion, too much talent on this team to miss NCAA regardless of how good BIG is
  7. raorIU

    Book Thread

    If you watch Ray Donovan you'll know Liev Shreiber is absolutely spot-on for Jack Reacher.
  8. "There's no better place to play than your backyard" - that's a solid quote. If TJD came up with on his own, kid probably has a nice fallback career in advertising!
  9. raorIU

    IUBB vs. Marquette 11/14 at 8:30 ET

    Considering the short bench, injuries and fouls, a 10 point lead at half is quite alright. Worried about fouls in 2nd half - might get very ugly.
  10. raorIU

    College Football Thread

    Purdue's capacity to fail is amazing. Two weeks in a row an idiotic unsportsmanlike penalty at the end of the game. This one may decide it like last week as well. Sad as I'd prefer they have a better record when we beat them later this year.
  11. raorIU

    Urban Meyer

    Aaron Hernandez, Zach Smith - wonder what "second chance" Urban will be unleashing next? Kevin Wilson DUI+manslaughter?
  12. My typical connection for tickets is no longer an option. But, I'm spoiled having sat in row 15 area for the past years. StubHub and so forth seem to be very pricey below row 30. Any suggestions where I could look for more/better options this season than StubHub, Ticketmaster, and so on? Is Reddit a viable option? Thanks!
  13. raorIU

    Evan Fitzner to IU

    Indianapolis sports talk radio, FM 97.5 in the PM. Schultz is an IU grad, definitely knows basketball as well as any other ardent IUBB fan would. Query is substantially embedded in all things Indiana sports (calls Indycar races on IMS Radio for example), and also knows basketball as well as any other born-and-raised Hoosier. So, all that considered, either that was a bad interview or the St. Mary's poster is off-target.
  14. raorIU

    Tech Issues

    Me too, was nail in the coffin for me - using Tapatalk app now.
  15. That shot by Newkirk is the worst I've ever witnessed Sent from my Nexus 5 using BtownBanners mobile app