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  1. Looking forward to finding game video of this kid. In short clips his game looks a lot like the game Justin Smith and his father think he has but really doesn’t.
  2. Demo

    (2020) PG - Hassan Diarra

    https://basketballrecruiting.rivals.com/news/bossi-s-best-nbpa-top-100 Nice Diarra mention from Bossi. Along with Steward probably the kid I’m most interested in for ‘20. Been a while since I’ve thought the most purely competitive player on the floor was an IU kid.
  3. I know it’s a popular view to lock in pretty exclusively on in state ‘21’s, and it makes perfect sense. But, my Lord, Mohammed is good. My favorite player that I’ve seen in the last couple of years. Great talent, nonstop motor, no ego. Vic with more size. Really hope we stay involved here.
  4. Agree completely. A lot of talk about those two makes them sound interchangeable. From what I’ve seen Galloway is much more complete and more competitive.
  5. Sir, if you’re going to expect reasonableness from me, I will absolutely disappoint you. Pretty sure I said that to my Dad at some point, and I KNOW I disappointed that guy.
  6. Demo

    (2020) CG D.J. Steward

    Slow morning, so watched all of the Steward video I could find. Unlike a lot of kids, there’s quite a bit of useful video of him. He’s a fun watch. Obviously he’s a complete scorer, but what stood out to me is how clever he is around the rim. Uses his off shoulder and arm to create space without fouling, finds creases in traffic and is able to exploit the space while maintaining his body control and awareness to get the ball on the board and finish. That kid found some outrageous angles. He’ll be an effective scorer even if his shot isn’t falling, which, for me, really differentiates him from a kid like Leal. It’s easy to see Steward’s appeal, he can get a good look at will and he’ll flat kill guys in pick and roll. I hope Miller works this one until the kid says no.
  7. It doesn’t feel that way to me. I have no problem with Coaches taking the occasional swing on traits as long as they have an out. I am probably the only one around here who didn’t think Jeremiah April was a bad offer. 7 foot. Good movement. Good hands. Really good touch. Turned out to have a poor work ethic and he was gone in a year. Nobody else was getting that ride, so I liked it as a low risk/high reward proposition. I see this similarly.
  8. Not being snarky when I say that I’m kind of shocked that Anderson had 8 assists for the year. Seem to remember a nice interior feed against Arkansas. Otherwise, nothing.
  9. Have no idea if the kid can play. What little film that’s out there is pretty useless. Doubt he gets a dozen high major offers, though I don’t doubt that he’ll get his tires kicked by a dozen high majors. So the kid’s a lottery ticket? Ok. 1) you have 2 open rides available, 2) you have 1 pg on your roster. And Green should not play 1 single minute as point. He is not a facilitator, period. Can’t be argued in good faith, 3) a 6’4” kid who may or may not be good enough to help is available. A kid who fancies himself a future pro, 4) if he’s good enough to play you’ve solved the biggest issue on this roster, a 2nd facilitator. And maybe done so for multiple seasons. No longer mandatory to find a pg in ‘20. Plus, a kid with enough size to play next to Phinisee as well, 4) if he’s not good enough, you’ve lost, what exactly? 1 year of a ride you weren’t using. The kid thinks he’s a pro, if he’s not playing, he’ll leave. He’s already playing in a pro league. Guarantee that he isn’t looking to sit on scholarship for 4 years. Bottom line: if he can play, you’re better. If he can’t, you’re not worse. Zero downside. Though I’m sure there’s some underappreciated 5’9” kid from Yokel HS somewhere in the southern part of the state who Miller should take a swing at instead because he really, really wants to wear the candy stripes. Side note: hate the term “Creaning” with a white hot freaking passion. Always have. It’s a lazy pejorative. Coaches have been “Creaning” kids since Crean was in diapers. A close friend on my College team was “Creaned” by our Coach and that was 198 freaking 3. Has happened forever, will happen forever. Crean’s treatment of players was in no way unusual.
  10. Yeah, I haven’t really seen a lot of what I consider IU specific vitriol from Snow. At least on Twitter, he’s pretty much an equal opportunity ******. But make no mistake, he is, in fact, a ******. Very different from Bossi, who i’ve sat at a couple of games with through the years and has always been great.
  11. Demo

    College Bball Thread

    I’m deeply envious of this kid. Playing ball for money and living in New Zealand for a year would be above average. However, in an ESPN interview he tried to compare the training and competition he’s going to get with what Luka Doncic got in Spain. Yeah, no.
  12. Saw Whitt a couple of times in HS and, while he didn’t shoot much from distance, his shot wasn’t broken. He had a fairly clean action. He could make an open look and he was a solid FT shooter. Didn’t see any reason to think his range wouldn’t extend. It’s a mess now. The ball’s on his palm and he has this weird, sort of shot put action. Makes Xavier Simpson’s stroke look good by comparison.
  13. That’s a pretty fair comp. Whitt’s bigger, more physical, doesn’t have Reynolds’ elite lateral movement. But, yeah, that’s about right.
  14. Really like a lot about Whitt. Tough kid, can really defend, takes care of the ball, good passer. But not only can he not shoot, he won’t shot. Turns down open looks. I doubt he wants to be a 20 min/gm backup pg/defensive stopper, though on a good team that’s probably his role.
  15. Demo

    (2020) PG - Hassan Diarra

    https://mobile.twitter.com/robertodiaz005/status/1131895032112406528 Is this a possible reclassification situation?