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  1. Demo

    Ed Schilling leaving

    Yeah, pretty sure if Brad freaking Stevens took the job and announced it by calling Miller a coaching wizard whom he could only aspire to emulate that someone would say, “but he didn’t win a title with the Celtics. Underwhelming hire”
  2. Wouldn’t be my preference, but if the staff desires that kind of roster makeup, I can see it. Would rather see 1 or the other, my minimally informed opinion would be Geronimo, and a big, preferably with rim protection skills.
  3. Demo

    Ed Schilling leaving

    Chris, Do you know if the first contact on this was Archie to Roberts or Roberts to Archie? Curious.
  4. Demo

    Ed Schilling leaving

    Without a doubt.
  5. Demo

    Ed Schilling leaving

    I was writing a much longer and angrier post with this same theme, but you got there quicker and more succinctly. Perfect response. And the criticism that CAM might be hiring a, gasp, mid-major coach just aggravates me to death. Some of the very best coaches in the game are mid-major coaches. If I had to argue who the best game coach in CBB is, I would probably say Randy Bennett or Bob McKillop. If I had to argue who the best game coach I’ve ever seen is, it would absolutely be John Kresse. Just because a guy hasn’t sat next to K or Beilein doesn’t mean he hasn’t learned from a great coach and wouldn’t be a huge get.
  6. Agree. He’s not as big, and probably not as good, but you can sort of see him have a De’Andre Hunter type of impact on games. Being able to switch pretty much every screen and also wreaking havoc in the passing lanes. Just a really high end 3 and D guy with the potential to do more. From what little video is out there, I am absolutely a fan.
  7. Watch the loose ball finish at about :45. Kid just explodes off the floor with no gather of any kind. That is incredible quick twitch right there. Rare trait. More than any other kid CAM is recruiting I would love to see this kid live.
  8. Demo

    (2020) PG - Caleb Love

    Don’t know about the timing of offers. But Martin is the lead recruiter on Love and was at pretty much every event Love played in. Not sure it’s gonna matter. The best St Louis area talent has barely given Mizzou a sniff since I’ve lived here. Maybe Martin changes that. The UNC smoke smells absolutely real to me. They’re gonna have an open PG situation and, while I’m not sure Love is really a PG, he clearly wants to run a team.
  9. Could be. That will be some elite athleticism in play. A fully engaged Caleb Love would be, by far, the best defender that Lander has played against. Guarantee it. But I’ve seen him multiple times when he floated pretty badly. Mario McKinney, who’s a highly athletic ‘19 Pg going to Mizzou, just flat outcompeted Love when they played last year. Love is good for about 4-5 “that’s the s**t” plays every game that are interspersed with 25 mins of getting by on sheer talent.
  10. Luke Brown has become a basketball Rorschach test for some on this board. If you really want to know what someone wants the program to look like at their core level, opinion of Brown is a pretty good indicator.
  11. Demo

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    Congratulations to an obviously great kid. We all know there have been some kids through the years who didn’t really seem to get how special an opportunity they had been blessed with. Love to see a kid who does.
  12. Yeah. Hunter’s length and skill set creates so much lineup flexibility. Anything from a giant 2 with Phinisee, Smith, TJD and Davis to a small ball 5 in a high pressure lineup with Phinisee, Green, Durham and Smith. The matchup possibilities are just plain cool.
  13. Demo

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    Old Fart brings 3 things to the table in abundance: 1) the wisdom of age, 2) voluminous AAU followup, and 3) dripping sarcasm. All 3 greatly appreciated.
  14. Very true. But watched some clips of Hutcherson and 3 things are apparent: 1) He’s exceptionally long, 2) he won’t be out of place athletically, and, 3) the kid has a great looking stroke with deep range and has good footwork shooting both off the dribble and catch. Not hard to see his appeal. Plus, since I also feel confident in saying that I’m the biggest Brad Underwood believer on this board, I expect the kid to have a nice 2 year run.
  15. Demo

    Ed Schilling leaving

    We’ve all got things that we question about the program. All of us. It’s the nature of fandom. But, dude, the guy chased a slew of guys for the open schollies and then fired a highly respected Asst with local ties for what appears to have been a lack of sufficient drive. There are legit things to question, but I don’t think aggression is close to one of them