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  1. ChiHoosier5

    (2018) PG - Kira Lewis to Alabama

    UK already has a top15 PG and CG committed and a top 40 SF. Which leads to the question of if they will even offer and will he want to go there with a possibly log jam. However at the same time if he comes here he’ll be battling for PT with a sophomore PG who we assume will log a ton of minutes as a freshman and a senior CG in Green.
  2. ChiHoosier5

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    CWat is the one that took #2 from Roth. Matt wore #2 to honor a friend who had passed away I believe. His normal number was 30.
  3. I am not sure why people are worried about adding Carton with Rob Phinisee. Many elite teams have two guards that can be primarily ball handlers. Just bc we have had at most only 1 the last 10 years shouldn’t mean that’s what we should expect. Kansas two years ago had Frank Mason and Devonte Graham, both smaller guards, work great together. Then this year Graham took over the reigns and there was no drop off. In Archie’s last two years at Dayton when they had really good teams, they had Scoochie Smith and Kyle Davis playing alongside each other. Maybe that is the way Archie would prefer to play.
  4. ChiHoosier5

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    If Saturday is the last visit the staff can do, I bet many current players would be attending the State Championship at Bankers Life. I believe players have done that in the past and if Romeo and Damezi are in the title game, could definitely see a big group of them attending. Would be cool if Oladipo attended too, but very doubtful. He has a home game Friday night but then play Sunday evening in Miami.
  5. ChiHoosier5

    (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy

    https://twitter.com/jerrymeyer247/status/925867135317966849 Slater switched from Duke to Vandy not from IU to Vandy.
  6. ChiHoosier5

    (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy

    I think people can hold off on the constant refresh. Didn't Chris007 say something about November 13th? I believe Garland mentioned he will be committing during the signing period.
  7. ChiHoosier5

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    What he retweeted was a video of a guy talking about trusting God.
  8. I feel like this keeps getting brought up in most of the active threads, what to do with the remaining scholarships. There seems to be a lot of misconceptions that if we take 2 more scholarships for the 2018 Class we will be over signed. See below, that is not the case. Personally, I think for 2018 we should try to get Romeo (obviously) who will be gone after one year so there will still be that scholarship available for 2019. Then, I think we try to get a top guy like Garland. If we don't get those guys, we bank them for 2019 where we sit well with many top 50 players.
  9. ChiHoosier5

    IUBB Offseason Topic

    That vertical is what i am most excited about. We can be skeptical because Crean used to always pump those numbers too, but with how much weight he lost and thinner he looks, could definitely see it being that much. Way too many times last year I wanted De'Ron to through down a powerful dunk when he had the chance, but he would more often than not just lay it in. He obviously had many injuries, but I am excited to see those be dunks this year.
  10. ChiHoosier5

    Arizona vs IU series coming to a town near.....

    Idk how this conversation has made it this far without this video being posted. "We need more dogs"
  11. ChiHoosier5

    The Pack-Line Defense

    Has anyone been able to find the game film of this past year's Dayton/Wichita St game from the NCAA. That was some great defense in that game and although Archie's team lost, would be fun to watch to see what we have to look forward to.
  12. ChiHoosier5

    2017 July Evaluation Period

    I know most think we will take a 4 man class and obviously we all want to land Romeo. With that said, would we take a 5 man class if we do land Romeo assuming he is pretty much a 1 and done?
  13. ChiHoosier5

    2017 April Evaluation Period

    Would love to get Langford and Garland but also Phinisee. Would be nice to have 1 or 2 one and done/two and done kids to help balance the class out. Also, Phinisee could go his first year or two coming off the bench (behind Garland/Green) then become the true leader and face of the team his junior and senior year. Wishful thinking, but would be nice.
  14. ChiHoosier5

    2017 April Evaluation Period

    What did Christian say to you? Thanks.