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  1. Now if only they’d show post season appearances and playoff wins over the last 7 years too! Lol stupid bengals! https://t.co/j2SIpRLV2v

  2. @chiksdigscars Great video! How was it?

  3. RT @whiskeytang0311: One of my buddies just came home from deployment to find his wife had moved all the **** out of their house and left h…

  4. RT @Javoris: Jaden just hit the cleanest moonwalk I’ve seen since MJ https://t.co/wvUPrFEWsk

  5. @levac2209 @PatMcAfeeShow C’mon man! Not even a spoiler alert.

  6. @overusedrighty Stay classy and stay safe.

  7. RT @britttbrat5: 150% me. https://t.co/EHVZJE0uOX

  8. @ItsAJoshParty See you when you come back bro!

  9. This is what bullying looks like. It’s not the physical pain that really hurts. It’s the emotional anguish these ki… https://t.co/hi5Ii5DZCE

  10. @Dsn_52 Anytime Dean! Stay hungry. Let me know when you’re coming back to Indiana.

  11. RT @IUBArchives: Dec, 7, 1941: According to 1941 @idsnews editor-in-chief, the paper was able to put out an Extra all because someone forgo…

  12. RT @EvilAndyDalton: RT if you hate the Steelers

  13. After he sung the National Anthem at last nights BNL/ BHSS basketball game and after I got off the floor for Vetera… https://t.co/ksFfgzezeb

  14. I’m really happy with this game. Davis made me mad but I’m over it now. Time to grind this last half out and upset another Number 1!

  15. @finah One of which works there.