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  1. Redleader

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Taxes on the income from any payments to players/families.
  2. He has no lateral quickness. Knees probably have a lot to do with that. Offensively, everything is a jumper or straight line drive. Defense is mostly desire, but he can't stay with anyone on the perimeter, and some of that he can't overcome. Pack line D has the potential to help with some of this. His awareness off the ball is terrible, but maybe learning a system that isn't predicated on deflections, and stresses clogging driving lanes can help here too. Sent from my Nexus 6P using BtownBanners mobile app
  3. Redleader

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Xavier played a lot of man to man down the stretch. Switched out of zone. Offensive rebounding was an issue out of the zone. Good adjustment by Xavier.
  4. Redleader

    Welcome Coach Miller

    How smart was that 2 for 1 call by Mack?
  5. Redleader

    Welcome Coach Miller

    Without a doubt it's true... Reggie one of the all-time sh*t talkers.
  6. Redleader


    Our loss was discussed on the Dan Patrick Show. They ridiculed Glass for the decision to punt on the home game. Also said that it would be surprising if we kept Crean. Said maybe we were afraid that Crean would go on a run, as a possible reason for punting. We also have an article on Deadspin about last night... great to be made fun of in multiple outlets.
  7. Redleader

    #3 Indiana. At #6 Georgia Tech Game Thread

    Great atmosphere in Atlanta. Too bad nobody would show up in Btown. Maybe if we had the guts to fire the coach there would be support like there was at Illinois tonight. Maybe free tickets would get the families too poor to go on vacation out to a game for a memorable night.
  8. Redleader

    College Bball Thread

    New Orleans Privateers on ESPN2 right now, coached by Mark Slessinger. Assistant Bil Duany. Couple of Btown kids trying to coach their team to the Dance. Sent from my Nexus 6P using BtownBanners mobile app
  9. Redleader


    Worth watching...95% for sure.
  10. Redleader

    You name it...

    Inglorious Bastards