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  1. Myrmidon76

    IUBB vs Arkansas 12/29 @ 6 pm BTN

    Dude...give it a rest. You make great points and follow that up with garbage like this. Damn shame.
  2. Myrmidon76

    College Bball Thread

    What the hell were those last 2 plays!? Good Lord! Just terrible coaching decisions late.... terrible.
  3. Sad to see him go. A top flight coach that made our conference and our conference teams better. Tough pill for the University I suppose, but if it's ok for the players to pursue their dreams, then it applies to the staff as well. Wish him well at his new opportunity.
  4. With one and done seemingly coming to an end, perhaps turning to a longer duration type player sooner would be beneficial in the long run. I think the teams that have a true developmental culture will thrive once the one and doners are gone.
  5. Myrmidon76

    College Bball Thread

    Who am I to not give Weber an atta boy! Thanks Bruce!
  6. Myrmidon76

    College Bball Thread

    30 for 30 is the sports equivalent of Behind the Music....maybe less drug use.
  7. Myrmidon76

    Indiana Basketball and Culture

    If APR was an issue this past offseason, will it be an issue this offseason? How many transfers could we absorb (theoretically speaking)?
  8. Legit question here...how many transfers can our APR handle?
  9. Myrmidon76

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Crean will make some noise...all the way to the Sweet Sixteen and no further.
  10. Myrmidon76

    IUBB @ MSU- Game Thread

    All I am looking for is dignity. I don't care about outcome. Play with some pride. Do something that can be built upon. PLEASE! (I never had to beg 3rd graders to give me their heart...it's worth thinking about.)
  11. Myrmidon76

    Style over substance

    They say that comedy is all about timing...I find this whole thing very funny. I am reminded of a blooper from Howdy Doody where Buffalo Bob thought the camera was off and proceeded to say "That oughta keep the little ******s happy for another week!". Maybe the new uniforms will change the bad juju...I doubt it...but just maybe.
  12. I seem to recall Davis making a pitch to Indiana to try and recruit Antoine when he was here a little while back. I'd take him just for the locker room help that we apparently still need. Full disclosure--- I never disliked Davis or his family on a personal level. His coaching and instate recruiting...that's another story.
  13. Myrmidon76

    College Bball Thread

    I imagine he wanted to write "shut" but being that the "I" is right next to the "u" on the keyboard...it became a censorable word and there you have it. :)
  14. Myrmidon76

    Indiana vs Butler Game Thread 12/15

    Full game now up on YouTube.