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  1. Can we split this thread between pessimists and optimists? Good lord...
  2. I'm just messing with you.
  3. Can't wait for you to eat crow. How's that for realism?
  4. Hey, entire coaching and training staff and anyone else in the room - don't tell ANYONE, and I mean ANYONE, but I'm coming to UK. Keep it a secret, OK - I mean it!
  5. When KB swung towards IU in the fall, UK fans were ALL over him telling him he wasn't good enough to play at UK anyway. All fan bases can be idiots; I'd give it just as good of a chance that a UK fan took a shot at him as an IU fan.
  6. Who said it was an IU fan that tweeted at Keion? I'm sure based on the speculation it was, but UK fans are 80% uneducated hilljacks. They say insane things.
  7. Pessimists! YE HAVE LITTLE FAITH!
  8. Seems to me like this would be pro-IU, not against.
  9. Where is the infamous Chris007 when we need him...attention, we need your attention. UK shifting their focus in the last week to someone new and KB watching IU take MSU down twice in 2 weeks...c'mon now.
  10. IU-DL

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    Exactly my point...when would he even be available to take an official? Doesn't seem like it's in the cards to me as Saturday would be a major stretch.
  11. IU-DL

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford

    I'd like to be glass half full on this, and I hope it's all true. I don't feel like we've been burnt too much by bad info, and this is pretty specific. Let's keep our glasses half full! Also...when exactly is this "official" supposed to start? Would have to be Saturday, right? If not, I guess that answers that!
  12. Final play from my seats last night. Pretty incredible and good to feel Assembly rocking again. IMG_5605.mov
  13. IU-DL

    Fishing chat and pics..

    Crazy question here, but I've be an avid fisherman my whole life and about 8 years ago, I developed an allergy to fish. Can't touch them or my fingers peel a few days later. Can't eat them. I've researched it and it seems some others deal with the same thing. I don't know if it's attributable to continued frequent exposure or just an allergy that presented itself later in life. Either way, it sucks as fishing was something I really enjoyed and was quite good at and now I'm all but prohibited from doing it. Would love to know if anyone else has seen or heard of this.
  14. IU-DL

    Inclined to Give Archie a Break

    Don't know who you are 3588, but I agree with every point you made in your summary. I do feel it's worth mentioning that we have enough talent to do "more" than we are, but we aren't. We have extremely long periods where we can't score at all. And our defense first mindset has disappeared. In addition, I feel like our players are regressing, which is very, very bad. Last year felt the same way. Near mid-January, the team just stopped caring. Remember watching Robert Johnson and it looked like he'd rather be home on his couch instead of playing? We have that going on again. I don't get it.
  15. IU-DL

    So some concerns I’m having...

    I haven't commented on this topic in a while as I still think it's too early to place judgment on CAM. However, this 4 game run is showing some ugly trends. Our offense is stagnant at best, which is concerning when looking at Romeo and Juwan being conference stand-outs. However, look at how often those two get into foul trouble early in the game. We also have at least 4-5 players on this team who would not be recruited to Bloomington today and several who just aren't as talented as we were hoping they would be. We have two "shooters" who don't play or can't shoot. We have 2 injured guys who would be playing; possibly starting. We're thin and it's causing problem. It's showing up in box scores when our bench scores literally zero points. Zero. And it shows on defense when our very limited talent pool is on the bench with fouls. I don't believe in bashing players as they're kids, but we also have several players who are simply an awful fit for Archie's system. Kids who shoot recklessly early in the shot clock and basically turn the ball over which doesn't hit the box score....but it killllllls this offense even more than not moving the ball. I continue to wonder if we had a couple of shooters (someone who could played like Hulls, for example) to space the offense what we could be. Purdue just trapped JMo and we had no where to go when Romeo was on the bench. It was played quite effectively by them IMO even though Fat Painter is a joke of a coach. I love it that he's their mediocre solution to basketball. I hope we can find a bright spot as the season continues, and I'd like to see more out of our offense, but I'm far from throwing in the towel on CAM. He's smart; he'll figure it out. PS - our guys also need to give a crap, which it doesn't appear they do today.