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  1. I think Duncomb is going to be better than Brunk. Duncomb is 6’9 with a 7’4 wingspan and is 16 years old, with the possibility to keep growing. That wingspan will allow him to be a more versatile defender than Brunk could ever be. He’s also more athletic than Brunk. I like Brunk, but I think Duncomb is a notch above him for the reasons stated.
  2. Great pickup with Duncomb! Excited for our future
  3. VO5

    Scott Dolson New AD

    Just confirms this was a yikes hire. Thanks for the info
  4. Haven’t seen it mentioned much but there were more terrible lineups out there today. Idc if it’s senior day, Davis shouldn’t have played. Tourney lock on the line you put your best guys out there. And then played Green when he was clearly hobbled. I just don’t understand what goes through the staff’s mind sometimes. Had their frontcourt in foul trouble and we decide to go with Race and Justin trying to create shots.
  5. Just gave it up. Sickening
  6. Yeah let’s leave hobbled devonte in there when he can barely run. Joke
  7. Can Lander play for us yet? Al and Devonte being selfish as f*ck with the ball is why we’re down 9.
  8. Okay we can just take people out at the rim now without a foul. Nice job BIG
  9. We need to get it inside. Not gonna win this game bombing 3s
  10. Haven’t gone through the entire thread so idk if this has been mentioned yet, but the more I think about this commitment, the more I love it. This gives Archie easy ammo for guys like Mohammed, Patterson, etc. “hey, we just got the best point guard in the country for you to play with.” Having him locked in so early gives us a shot at a great class because of this IMO.
  11. Him, Roth, or Zeisloft are my guesses