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  1. Apparently Ostrom is checking out Ben Roderick tonight. He’s a 6’5 wing from Ohio that’s been killing it in his senior year. Doesn’t have a high major offer but OSU and Xavier have been recruiting him.
  2. VO5

    College Bball Thread

    Some are speculating Joey Brunk is transferring from Butler. Not sure if we’d be interested, but that’s another one
  3. VO5

    College Bball Thread

    Snow has said Jaylen Fischer is basically not a possibility. Plus I wouldn’t want him with his injury history. No guarantee he would even be the same player
  4. Happy with the way we came back in the second half. Avoided an embarrassing loss
  5. Better effort. Not sure why it took an entire half but whatever
  6. ans people wondered why I didn’t want to see this team in the NIT. Only more embarrassing news for our program
  7. Par for the course some small school guard hitting impossible shots in our face and we don’t have more than 1 guy who can hit them wide open. Just boggles the mind
  8. This season needs to end. They don’t wanna be there
  9. I think we know why Damezi hasn’t been playing all year..
  10. I like Fitz as a person but my god we couldn’t have got a worse grad transfer. Big miss from Schilling
  11. Hard to tell on our energy tonight. Giving up some open looks and missing open looks. We could beat this team in our sleep so not a great barometer
  12. If Green could play 80% as good as he has been, we would be so much better next year. He’s looked like a different player the past few weeks
  13. For a guy as smart as Smith, he really does have a low b-ball IQ. Doesn’t make a lot of sense