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  1. Was fun while it lasted
  2. VO5

    Ed Schilling leaving

    People have hinted around that he was definitely fired. I’ve also read that Archie is more than willing to take his time with the hire so he gets the right guy. Apparently this is the last real important recruiting weekend for a while so he doesn’t feel the need to rush it for that purpose.
  3. VO5

    (2020) PF Matt Cross

    Looks like South Carolina wasn’t there. Shaping up to be us or Miami?
  4. Lander and Kaufman would be a grand slam. Anyone else is just gravy
  5. VO5

    #USWNT - 2019 World Cup CHAMPS!

    Jeeze our D needs a lot of work
  6. VO5

    #USWNT - 2019 World Cup CHAMPS!

    Let’s go Alex!!
  7. VO5

    #USWNT - 2019 World Cup CHAMPS!

    We give the ball away so much. Every other team seems to pass the ball extremely well except us. Really weird
  8. As much as I love IU, Stanford would be extremely hard to pass up. I doubt Leal ever gets to the NBA so I’m sure he is weighing that heavily.
  9. VO5

    Ed Schilling leaving

    Meh semi-pro and player development at Northwestern aren’t great. Northwestern took a huge step back last year. Assistant at Loyola is fine and all but there are much more qualified personnel out there. Take away the fact that he played at IU and look at his resume. You still want him here?
  10. VO5

    Ed Schilling leaving

    How so?
  11. VO5

    Ed Schilling leaving

    Why this obsession with a former IU player? Many are not qualified to do what some of you want. If you want recruiting, who has the pedigree of all the former IU players mentioned to bring in top 50 guys? Many kids nowadays will point to Romeo over guys like Guyton, Jeffries, etc. as former IU players they know. If you say they know the state, that may be true, but we’ve had zero issue recruiting our own state. As far as player development, which former IU player has any sort of pedigree developing players and getting the maximum out of them? I think some IU fans have this disillusioned belief that former IU players coming back will somehow magically turn our program around, even when they don’t have the pedigree. Give me a guy that has out of state connections that is an ace recruiter, or someone that has a history of developing players. We don’t need a former IU player and it’s likely we will not go that route.
  12. I like it but we need a PG desperately. Switch out Leal for RJ Davis and it’s a home run
  13. VO5

    Ed Schilling leaving

    I’m fine with this. We need an offensive minded coach badly. Interested to see who Archie brings in, especially this late in the game.
  14. Interesting. As they say, recruiting is fluid
  15. VO5

    #USWNT - 2019 World Cup CHAMPS!

    Spain looks like the better team this half. Would not be surprised to see us go down.