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  1. VO5

    (2020) PG - Hassan Diarra

    He’ll be moving up in the new rankings because of his play this summer, so not a true +200 kid
  2. VO5

    (2020) PG - Hassan Diarra

    How is it Crean-Esque? This guy is pretty good and in the top 150. I haven’t seen us offering guys outside the top 200, let alone outside the realm of a D1 player like Crean did
  3. VO5

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Our recruiting philosophy is just fine. TJD, Armaan, Rob, Jerome, etc. all fit what an Indiana player is and should be. We have offers out to Leal, Galloway, Davis, Cross, etc. that embody what an Indiana player should be. Archie knows what he is doing. Good luck fielding a competitive team of we’re going to go after players that just want to be here. We’d be full of D2 and D3 players that wouldn’t get a sniff anywhere else in D1. The landscape has changed. Kids don’t grow up wanting to go to IU much anymore. You have to battle with the best to be the best. Of course Watford did what was best for him. Just because he went to LSU doesn’t mean he wouldn’t have embodied what an IU player is if he came here. You have no idea what his reasons were for, Maybe he wanted to stay closer to home? Every kid does what is best for them. Saying this is the only thread you’re interested in tells me all I need to know and that you aren’t really an IU fan. You’re a Luke brown fan. If his play is doing the talking, why hasn’t he heard a word from Archie yet? Why are they prioritizing other players? Why is he consistently talked about as a low D1 type of player? Shouldnt you be advocating for players like Luke Goode, Colson Montgomery, Trey Kaufman, etc. who all embody what an Indiana player is and who actually have IU interest?
  4. VO5

    (2021) G Luke Brown

    Look I get it, you’re probably part of his family or a family friend. But you’re not going to gain him fans by constantly bringing his name up on message boards. As far as I know, this is the only thread you post in. I also see zero correlation between Trendon going to LSU and us being excited for Luke Brown. Let the kid’s play do the talking. Right now he isn’t on our radar and there are other kids to be much more excited about
  5. VO5

    (2020) PG Ethan Morton to Purdue

    Just the nature of message boards anymore. The social media age has produced instant gratification. When it isn’t met, people riot. I don’t see it getting any better.
  6. I believe we have 2 spots open right now and I don’t see us adding anyone else. 2 leaving + 2 seniors (maybe a transfer) gives us 4-5
  7. I think we’re going to have 4 schollies, potentially 5 with a transfer, for 2020. Both of these offers make sense in my opinion
  8. I think these guys can play 2-3 and Galloway may be able to play the 4 at times with his defensive presence.
  9. VO5

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway

    I wasn’t really high on Galloway but he’s really upped his play as of late. Would be great to snag both of these guys!
  10. Yessss love this. Also believe that Archie knows where we stand in 2019 and we’re done there. 4 schollies to hand out for 2020, so makes a lot of sense here.
  11. Great pickup. What are the odds he goes somewhere else and when is signing day? Lol
  12. Seems to be the case with both Watford and Quinones. Appears to be a long shot for both, but you never know. I’m hoping that this leads to an offer for Leal this weekend or during his in-home Monday. We’ll have 4 rides for the 2020 class with no other freshmen additions. We would be really stupid not to take Leal if it shakes out that way.
  13. Must have missed that he was conducting the visit. Thanks for the info
  14. I’m not really upset, just a little baffled that nobody seemingly wants to be here. I’m really starting to think Romeo is being used as a negative against Archie, as fair or unfair as that is.