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  1. Wow. Clinched. Great win!!
  2. Beginning to think our scoring droughts are on Archie and lack of players spending more than 5 minutes on the damn court. No reason Davis or Green should be playing right now. None.
  3. Joke lineup again in the game for no reason
  4. I’ll continue to say it: worst officiating body in any sport. They are horrible. And that’s putting it lightly
  5. Refs trying to hand them the damn game
  6. Clearly off nebraska so they get the ball. Cool
  7. Think this one is over. Hell of an effort from our guys
  8. Yeah, al durham floaters are what we need..get it inside come on
  9. Game’s not even close to over
  10. Going to be a thorn in everyone’s side for years. Only a Soph
  11. Giving them so many touch “fouls”
  12. 13 point lead on the road. What do I do with my hands?
  13. I really hope we can keep this up. Can’t let them get back in this and grab momentum. This is the type of win that can punch our ticket to the tourney