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  1. VO5

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Speaking of sources, where has Pap been? Don’t see him around much anymore
  2. VO5

    College Bball Thread

    Purdue and Marquette both look pretty bad to me. Neither are top 25 worthy
  3. When Green is healthy he’s a starter. No question
  4. 5 fouls in 2:30 of playtime. Come on
  5. I don’t expect most teams to shoot 7-9 in a half. Not like they were wide open either. I also don’t expect us to have De’ron, Race, and Justin on the floor at the same time. Just experimenting with lineups while we can
  6. Our defense isn’t great right now and I agree with a lot of your takes, but they wouldn’t even be close if they shoot a normal percentage from 3. Just one of those games. Don’t lose faith
  7. I feel like I’m watching football with a stoppage every 10 secs
  8. you get a foul! And you get a lane violation! And you get a moving screen!
  9. At least they’re going in. I’ll take 5-11 all day
  10. Already early in the season and these refs are completely destroying the flow of the game from non existent fouls