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  1. protectthishouse

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr.

    The new North Side coach is Gary Andrews. Led the Bishop Luers girls team to 3 state titles back in the day. From there made the jump to college ball to coach Fort Wayne’s St Francis girls team. Then left there to coach another girls college team in New York. Seems like a unique hire for one of the fastest paced teams in Fort Wayne. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  2. protectthishouse

    (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS

    I’ve seen the name Sanford a few times here. Isn’t he only a junior? Or is he expected to graduate early? Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  3. protectthishouse

    IU vs Rutgers game thread

    Goodbye seniors. RoJo has a disappearing act that Houdini himself is jealous of. Newkirk and Hartman turned into rally killers this year. MSB stole a scholarship for 4 years (I don’t blame him, I would’ve done the same.) McSwain worked his tail off. Wish he had another year to develop. Hope an NFL team is willing to work him out. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  4. protectthishouse

    Game Thread: Indiana at Nebraska 9est BTN

    Maybe someone has already looked into it so before I start digging for answers, if IU and Penn St win out, while Nebraska and Michigan lose out, all 4 tie for the final double by spot for the tournament at 11-7. If it plays out that way, what are the tie breakers? Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  5. protectthishouse

    IU "Screw" Kentucky Post Game Victory Thread

    Cbssports also has holt and Fuchs still on our roster.
  6. protectthishouse

    IU "Screw" Kentucky Post Game Victory Thread

    NCAA March Madness has done pretty well at removing those videos
  7. protectthishouse

    IU "Screw" Kentucky Post Game Victory Thread

    I was at a military event during the game. Anyone know where I can see a full game replay?
  8. yeah. CBS has stephen f austin, seton hall, west virginia, villanova.  But they still give us the three seed
  9. Current projection has our route to the final 4: stony brook, maryland, virginia, oklahoma/kentucky. That is a gauntlet.   All assuming higher seeds win to face us.
  10. protectthishouse

    We Are The Champions IU vs Iowa Post Game Thread

    Was JBJ in attendance? I couldn't find him.
  11. protectthishouse

    Most Hated Boilermakers of All-Time

    I'll second that. Hated the jail byrd
  12. protectthishouse

    IU vs MSU Post-Game Thread

    You won a big game on Thursday. Go out that night. Not the night you are flying out the next day. Once the sleep schedule is disturbed you're done for.
  13. protectthishouse

    IU vs MSU Post-Game Thread

    So I work the night shift at Jimmy John's on Kirkwood. Friday night/ Saturday morning at 3 am when the bars let out, to my surprise I see Troy Williams enter into JJ's. That would be 3 am Saturday morning, the day the team traveled to East Lancing. Quite obvious bad Troy should up to this game and I personally would like to pin it on poor off court choices, but that's just me.  
  14. protectthishouse

    IU VS Michigan - Pre-Game Thread- 2/2 9PM EST ESPN

    Gotta love a shooter shooting with confidence. Just wish it was confidence on smart shot selection. I guess beggars cant be choosers.