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  1. HoosierDribbler

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Boy, does he ever.
  2. HoosierDribbler

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    Al loves being a Hoosier. Have to love him.
  3. HoosierDribbler

    2019 Coaching Carousel

    Wow it sucks being UCLA right now. Glad we have our coach.
  4. None of us know for sure what has gone on internally with this team. But if rumors are true that there have been issues between players that can explain a lot. I'm counting on our coaching staff taking the steps necessary to deal with that now that the season is over and believe they will do so.
  5. Mine too. Makes Dakich easier to tolerate.
  6. HoosierDribbler

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr. to Kentucky

    Nah, they will be too busy watching the game and trying to figure out who the players are on their team.
  7. Boy, that's an understatement
  8. Can't be easy playing for Hoosier Nation. We can be a tough crowd even though we love them. Sometimes after losses I'm not even brave enough to come to the message boards.
  9. Wonder if Archie can hear me talking to him...do you think?
  10. Izzo sure didn't have much respect for our team. Didn't even know the players' names.
  11. HoosierDribbler

    Team Chemistry Issues?

    I imagine helicopter parents are just part of today's coaching, but I would hate to coach today with these parents questioning every move all over the internet. In my opinion this is a really bad look on these parents.
  12. HoosierDribbler

    Team Chemistry Issues?

    Man, hurry and wake up from that nightmare.
  13. HoosierDribbler

    Team Chemistry Issues?

    As I said earlier, sometimes the system ties your hands from doing what needs to be done.
  14. HoosierDribbler

    (2019) SF Keion Brooks Jr. to Kentucky

    And I might add, many times the SYSTEM stops you from being able to do much about it.