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  1. HoosierDribbler

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    You have a guy? I'm impressed. Sign me up for one of those tees.
  2. Never mind I was on FS1, duh. In Gainesville
  3. In Florida and we are getting Georgetown Villanova game instead of IU game. CRAP.
  4. Nah, certainly not a knock at you. Just for the past week it has been he is coming, no he isn't, yes he is. We are a fanbase starving for something to feel positive about.
  5. He can't be there today. He had breakfast this morning at my house in Florida.
  6. We don't have BTN so can't watch this game. Can one of you update the score periodically during the game? Appreciate it. Go Hoosiers
  7. That's one way to fill the Hall for a big game. Start a rumor that Knight will be there. Hope it is true.
  8. HoosierDribbler

    Who Am I? (Hoosiers edition)

    And you expected anything else, why?
  9. HoosierDribbler

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia to Marquette

    Oh Lord, now we are following flights of NBA players.
  10. HoosierDribbler

    IUBB vs Troy game thread 11/16 8 pm BTN

    True, and our Florida clothes are like tissue paper when worn up there.
  11. HoosierDribbler

    IUBB vs Troy game thread 11/16 8 pm BTN

    Heck it's cold in Florida right now.
  12. HoosierDribbler

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia to Marquette

    I must admit I got tears in my eyes the first time in Assembly Hall. But, I'm a born and raised Hoosier.
  13. HoosierDribbler

    Love it!!!

    I was wearing an IU hat while shopping @ Lowes a couple yrs ago in Gainesville, FL. From up above I hear "Go Hoosiers. The man stocking the upper shelves was a Hoosier and a major bball fan. We spent a bit of time discussing CTC. I miss Indiana and being around knowledgeable basketball fans. We really are everywhere.