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  1. YIKES!! What is it with this team? Race was one guy I was hoping to see more of in the NIT. Maybe Anderson will get some court time with Langford sitting.
  2. He was sold a dream. Cal laid out a very attractive path to the NBA and, Keon and his parents believing in his ability, rolled the dice with UK. I honestly hope it works out for him.
  3. Whether or not it affects recruiting, it is unconscionable the way some people talk about kids playing a game. The personal stuff and the character assassination are clearly out of bounds. I understand passion and disappointment, but directing the negativity toward kids who are still learning and maturing is just plain wrong in my opinion.
  4. The real damage to the college game is done when kids view their year in college as an audition for the NBA. Those kids are unlikely to make sacrifices or defer for the good of the team. Allowing kids to go to the NBA from high school is likely not going to solve that problem either. Having Langford, not saying that is his mentality, didn't help IU this past season. Getting Brooks with one foot out the door wasn't going to help either. As others have stated so well, we need program builders who are going to be here multiple years.
  5. While it's disappointing to lose a recruit who we have invested significant time in, other coaches, including Izzo who probably invested the most time, were on the losing side of this one as well. We will have a full roster of players and when next season rolls around we'll see what happens.
  6. We are a creative bunch. Some of the scenarios and hypothetical have been quite entertaining. The imagination is really something.
  7. cthomas

    Book Thread

    "102 Minutes" by Jim Dwyer and Kevin Flynn is a captivating account of 9/11. It's rich with personal accounts and covers the communication problems that cost the lives of first responders. The contributing design flaws of the towers are also covered. There are events that change everything that follows and 9/11 is definitely one of them.
  8. The best approach is to unplug or ignore the toxicity of social media. Trying to police the behavior of random strangers rarely works and usually only makes it worse. The only person anyone has control over is oneself.
  9. cthomas

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    We MUST become a better shooting team! In addition, just about everything else needs work as well.
  10. cthomas

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Well....that's all I got.
  11. Exactly where I am and have been for a while. Let the kids go where they want and hope that it works out for them. IU will have the best team that CAM can put on the floor next season. Hopefully the pieces fit and peace and harmony will rule the land.
  12. cthomas

    (2021) CG Jalen Blackmon

    I realize he's still young and a lot can change, but he doesn't seem to currently fit the profile that CAM seems to be recruiting from a defensive standpoint at his position. If he grows 2 or 3 more inches or develops serviceable point skills, then he might make sense for what we need. As with recruiting in general, who else is available and what the needs are will dictate everything.
  13. cthomas

    (2021) CG Jalen Blackmon

    YIKES! That will never fly with CAM.
  14. Given how long and tiring (going to commit soon for months) this recruitment has been, the team is providing a great distraction by finally playing well. With the game on Thursday there won't be time to stress about Keon's choice until afterward.