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  1. Agreed. We had an ambush set up and Minnesota took away our cover. A win will require a seasons best effort all around.
  2. cthomas

    College Bball Thread

    Would love to see the series start up again. Would also like it to be played on the respective campuses. I thought the offer of rotating home and neutral sites was fair and a good compromise to what Cal wanted. Call me stubborn and/or just plain dumb, but I'm not willing to completely capitulate to Calipari's wishes just because he had a bad experience in Bloomington.
  3. Not concerned about rankings at all. CAM is getting the kids he wants who fit what he is trying to do. That's all that matters to me.
  4. I think he is progressing. To me, he has improved in all areas since last year. Part of the problem is that he was labeled as "lost" on defense last year and gets more intense scrutiny this year than some others. Everyone got lost on defense last night at one time or another. Listening to CAM's post game comments, Damezi is part of the rotational plan going forward, especially as a scoring wing. I think he'll get there defensively and continue to grow. There was a time when we didn't really expect that much from players until they were juniors or seniors.
  5. cthomas

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Absolutely. There are guys in '21 we could use that scholarship on.
  6. TJD should be on a poster of what an Indiana basketball player should be.
  7. The problem with our 3 point defense is we let them get to their spot and then try to close out with pressure. Good defenses run the shooter off his spot making him shoot a less comfortable shot. The offense on the other hand continues to grow. I think we will be ok on that end.
  8. I like what I've seen so far and think it will only get better as guys continue to figure out their roles. Once RP and DG both get healthy and in basketball shape, I believe this will be a really entertaining team to watch. I hope to see that growth continue tonight. At the very least, I finally get to watch a game live.
  9. cthomas

    College Bball Thread

    I think it's safe to say that 'conventional wisdom' no longer applies to kids these days.
  10. Sort of a coach Knight lite response to a sport's writer's question. The older guys around here all know what a great relationship Coach Knight had with the media.
  11. I felt bad for the guy who asked the question. CAM really lit him up! I wonder if there is some not so good history with that particular media guy?
  12. That's almost exactly what CAM has been saying this entire preseason. The young guys are coming along and, once the veterans are all back and healthy, this team has the potential to be pleasingly good.
  13. cthomas

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia

    Whether we get him or not, I can't think of anything the staff could have done differently. And, Garcia seems to be doing what he needs to do to be certain he makes the right decision. This to me is how the recruiting process should work. From all appearances, he is a high quality kid and whatever the decision I wish him success.
  14. cthomas

    User name

    Class of '66 also, high school that is. User name simply first initial followed by middle name. English major in college, but apparently not too creative.
  15. Bracey, I can't miss 'em all, Wright. His struggles shooting on the road were legendary.