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  1. scots07

    Go Reds!

    I am a Cardinal fan, but I like the moves the Reds have made. Ought to be a great four team race in the Central.
  2. I just had bypass surgery this past week. What a great get well gift!
  3. scots07

    (2018) PG Robert Phinisee to INDIANA

    Thrilled to have him aboard!!!
  4. My SIL was at the Women's game yesterday. She talked with DD, DG, and CuJo. They all expressed interest in staying.
  5. scots07


    Only did ROTC. Officers at Grissom told me it was a waste of time as VN was winding down. My Father was a WW2 and Korea vet.
  6. scots07

    Harrison Niego Appreciation Thread

    I wish all the best for Harrison. He epitomizes what hard work and dedication does for a team. He will be fondly remembered as an integral part of a great team.
  7. Thanks for the info!
  8. i do no know anything about Simon. Why would he decide to transfer?
  9. scots07

    OG Needs More Minutes

    Not as flamboyant, but reminds me of Ray Tolbert. O.G. is a little more fluid as a freshman.
  10. scots07

    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all!
  11. scots07

    IU vs ND post-game thread

    This is hard on an old man's heart!
  12. He acted as though he had the stomach virus my wife and I are battling.
  13. scots07


    I sometimes carry a .357 mag in a shoulder holster, but I also carry an XD .40 at other times. My nephew, who is a policeman, said he witnessed a drug-crazed  perp that took 12 shots of 9mm and kept coming.
  14. scots07

    ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's going to NYC?

    She is on the road to recovery, but we are both leery of her being in a crowd. She has gone from a walker to a cane though. Thank you for your concern.
  15. scots07

    ROLL CALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who's going to NYC?

    I think I am cursed. A death kept us from Maui and now an auto accident resulting in injury to my wife is keeping us from the bowl game.