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  1. schoosier

    (2019) PG Austin Van Zyl

    Isn’t he already a pro in France? Or is that different than the pros that play for Duke, UNC, Kansas, or Arizona?
  2. schoosier

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    So he’s taking a scholarship? Doesn’t that still leave us with 2 to fill and are we done for 2019? Thanks in advance.
  3. schoosier

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    If Archie’s believes in not using 20+ % of his scholarships, I probably need to rethink my support. We all witnessed last year with injuries and his poor decision on a 5th year player. Why would you just give up on this opportunity. I would grab a shooter and serviceable big rather than a Bawa/Tijan flyers and see if they can make the rotation. I can understand the one walkon/ gpa booster scholarship but to leave any unused is short sighted and poor coaching team management.
  4. schoosier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    The NABC or whatever they’re called is about as important as the ncaa. I would be willing to wager some of the biggest cheaters hold lofty positions in this organization. Didn’t Brey have a little moral dust up just a couple years ago with local reporter? Low morals and rules breaking unfortunately go hand in hand with coaching big time college b-ball.
  5. schoosier

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    He could not stand Loudo Henson for the same reason. The coaches all know who’s cheating just look at the FBI transcripts. My God Creighton was involved in this cesspool. That’s all you need to hear the NCAA has lost all control. Everyone seems to have sources except IU and our compliance dept ratting us out for excessive mileage lol.
  6. schoosier

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    I really can’t hate on the Watfords or any other top recruit who goes with the highest bidder. We’ve seen thru the academic cheating scandal and now thru the FBI investigation that the NCAA will not do anything. So why not take the $ now? The chances of the majority of these top recruits getting paid in the league are get narrower as the competition gets tougher. Don’t hate these players, hate the game(NCAA).
  7. schoosier

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Do we still have 2 schollies to give for 19? I could see us banking 1 but why not get a couple grad transfers? We still need outside shot help so find a couple shooters and hope that one can contribute. We need to win now.
  8. I would be happy with that as well as them not poaching some of our best talent. Michigan St will take a big drop also when Izzo hangs it up also. If Archie can get it rolling we are poised to have a great decade hopefully.
  9. Matta played for a NC so Holtman has a ways to go to be his equal. He has done very well though.
  10. Agree 100% and the NCAA is always asleep at the wheel unless you self report.
  11. Let’s be honest, it takes more than the coaches to sign players to be at any program. The corruption case makes it plainly clear average coaches in any of the power 5 conferences can get top players. It takes shoe $ plain and simple for the top players who regularly compete for championships. Plus, I would put our b-ball facilities against any program in the country.
  12. I love input from older poster than myself so thank you. I would love your input as to why IU wasn’t better our only year with Big Mac. Especially with Downing in the front court? What was your take on Lou Watson the coach and compare him to our run of coaches not getting over the hurdle?
  13. schoosier

    Recruiting Violations

    Sorry to say this, but until we are willing to do what UK, UNC, Duke as well as everyone else; we will continue to have subpar results on the court or football field. The academic cheating by UNC who was turned in by a professor no less; is the perfect example of the governing institution not willing to punish one of its top schools. The NCAA is supposed to make sure athletes are educated. By doing relatively nothing, they are saying it’s alright to give paper diplomas. I believe in the very near future we will see the power 5 conferences brak from the NCAA to start their own governing body. I cannot wait for that to happen.
  14. Yep just like Duke does but not Coach K or UNC and Roy. The head coach never gets their hands dirty only their assistants and bag men. My recollection is one of Sampson’s assistants left for Michigan. One Tom Crean wasn’t to fond of.
  15. schoosier

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Duke does what they do. They have resources. UNC is UNC. Cheaters win in big time college athletics. That’s why IU hasn’t won in 20 years and why we will continue to not win. Unless we do what everyone else does. Indiana has the resources too.