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  1. Golfman25

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    That's like being the tallest midget. We need good shooters really bad.
  2. Golfman25


    If he can't find another job Lewis would be a good pickup. But he really should be a head coaching candidate somewhere. And if he isn't, one has to question why not.
  3. Golfman25


    WTF is an "IU guy?" Do you really want guys who learned under Crean or Sampson? You'll need to go back 20+ years to get Knight guys. Those guys are 40-50 years old. And if those players haven't advanced in that time, then what's the point? IU isn't unique any longer. The only thing unique is it's been a cluster f for 20 years. Fife ain't coming -- he's waiting for Izzo's grabber. What IU needs is stability. A coach who knows what they are doing. Players who stay 3-4 years. Guys who progress each year -- from role player to starter. A consistent roster. Not the feast or famine we've seen the past decade. The path back to success is clear. Compete in the Big10 -- at minimum be in top three every. Make the NCAA tournament every year -- sweet 16 or better. Then it's a numbers game. You do that enough you'll eventually hit elite 8 and final 4 on a regular basis. Can Archie do it? Idk. I thing he's too one dimensional -- defense focus. He must change that to succeed in the Big.
  4. Golfman25

    Knight In Declining Health

    Hey we all get old. He's 78 and still putting two feet on the ground. Not too shabby. And nice to see him back on campus. Break the ice just enough for everyone to move on.
  5. Golfman25


    Frankly chasing former players, now coaches is a way to ruin a program. The head coach hire should be based on their coaching ability and ability to manage a program. I don't care where the hell he comes from. If he can recruit, coach and win without being a disgrace and a schmuck, I'm all in. Now having former IU guys involved as assistants and such is important to keep the history alive.
  6. I think they need to suit up McRobbie.
  7. Archie is one dimensional and that needs to change. Defense is great, and much improved over the year. But you can't do that at the expense of offense. Offensively it looks like he has no clue. You can get away with that at a small conference school like Dayton. But the Big will eat you alive. He needs a "Tex Winter" type bench coach to teach him. That would be the greatest off season acquisition. Otherwise, meet the new boss -- same as a he old boss.
  8. Regardless of the game, the Barkley commercials are funny. Got to get me a Chuckxedo.
  9. Some care. A few don't. When you have a player with a different agenda it's problematic. Sorry but truth.
  10. All the more reason to be thankful. Parents can be cancers.
  11. Yep. The last thing we need are over hyped ESPN wannabes only concerned about their limelight. What we need to build a program are humble stars willing to put the work in to succeed. More Vic's.
  12. Guys. IU is bigger than one player. What we need is a program not just one good year. We need players that will stick around and buy in, not have different agendas. Not even sure this kid was the best player in Indiana. Guys like Romeo/ Brooks actually hurt us. They take away the development of a program player. I don't care what they do in the NBA. I care what they do in college.
  13. Golfman25

    IU v OSU BTT Thread

    Race got slapped around like a nat the few seconds he was in. We needed Davis to match up against the big butts. As frustrated as I was, all is not lost. I have the feeling that CAM had the team focus only on defense once conference play started and our defensive weakness was exposed. Defense definitely got better. But offense and shoot went to crap. Offense Just started to come back the last few weeks. I'm betting they put a little more work towards that. CAM has to understand that you can't be one dimensional in the BIG. He needs to fix that. He needs big improvement next year I think Romeo's a questionmark. Will all depend on NBA scouts view of his potential, today after a year of college. I myself think he's at least 1, if not 2, years away. NBA has some big dudes. If he's a top pick, he takes the money. If not, who knows.
  14. If you're that bohanonn kid just throw it up there towards the rim.