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  1. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    It wasn't a specific question to you. But how do we even know they are fans? Maybe it's some dude in Kentucky sitting in his underwear smoking Marlboros and drinking PBR. To me, it's just a side show, excuse.
  2. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    Let's face it. Something has changed. Since the alleged locker room blowup, some guys have a fire up their butt. The rotation has gotten shorter, and players who aren't performing are spending less time on the floor. Now, if we could just tidy up the free throws.
  3. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    So you mean the fans there last night, going nuts, and supporting the team? If recruits are complaining about fans, you're recruiting the wrong players.
  4. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    Need to be a much tougher player if stupid a$$ fan chit is going to get to you.
  5. Man, you guys are all diaper dandies. When I was there, freaking IU v Athletes in Action was a standing room only sell out. I SO BAD want them to get back to the good old days for all you folks. There's just nothing like it.
  6. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    The problem is basketball requires both offense and defense. Sure you can be better at one, but you can' t sacrifice one for the other. Our defense is fine, more than enough. But when you can't hit water if you fell out of a boat you're going to have problems.
  7. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    In regards to shooting, the pct. is not even relevant right now. Someone needs to take a look and show how many never even had a chance. Air balls, clanks off the rim, and hitting the side of the backboard don't have a prayer. It's not like, if only those when in the basket. It is, in fact, bad shooting.
  8. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    Look, lets face it. IU isn't going to attract a bunch of 5 stars to fix this mess. You need to coach your way out of it with 3s and hopefully some 4s. As you rebuild the program, you start competing in the BIG and making the tournament. Once players see that there is a)hope and b) a basketball future you can attract them. We are not doing this -- there is no growth and/or adjustment by the coaching staff. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is insanity.
  9. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    I want Archie to grow and adapt. He's in the big time now, it's time to be a complete coach. What works at Dayton, doesn't work here. It's not rocket science.
  10. Golfman25

    The Unbridled Negativity Thread

    It's not that our shooting pct. is bad, it is. It's one thing if they have a chance to go in and don't. But IU's shots look like a 5th grade rec. team. I have seen air balls, clanks of the front of the rim, clanks off the backboard, hell even one off the side of the backboard. Nobody with a real shooters touch.
  11. Bad shots early in the shot clock are the equivalent of turnovers. He just needs the discipline to know the what, when, where of a good shot.
  12. All he would need to do is pick one up. :)
  13. Just do a statue. No reason to rename anything. You end up like the old baseball/football teams that run out of numbers due to retirement. Or the row of chairs along the side line -- Bob Kinght seating section.
  14. My grandmother suffered from dementia. It is an unbelievable condition. I once had a two hour conversation with her while she thought I was someone else. Given his condition, there is no way Coach should be in public with his former players. That's just a travesty waiting to happen when he doesn't recognize them. Let him sit up in those club seat behind the baseline and stand up and be acknowledged by the crowd. Fisher can announce his stats, they can put a video up on the board, the crowd can go nuts, and we are done. A quick 5 min before tip off.