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  1. Describe law school in one conversation. https://t.co/rtVmo9sYDM

  2. @ChuckBoothSport and @AccioKaffee , saw a guy wearing a UMBC shirt and hat, and Loyola scarf....so either the world… https://t.co/kL0ZI6geJh

  3. @ChuckBoothSport I like to think I discovered then the old fashion way by seeing random billboards about how even I… https://t.co/KmE3FQ0Poy

  4. @ChuckBoothSport At least they got out of the single worst contract of the offseason... https://t.co/bsk4KIYPKf

  5. @ArmyStrang @iAmTheWarax https://t.co/fN8uEIiKAc

  6. *Looking at internships* Me: “No point applying to the LGBT Bar association- I’m probably not their ideal candida… https://t.co/mwPpprXtyd

  7. @robertatcracked So help me God if I have to march in this instead of marching from restaurant to restaurant claiming free appetizers...

  8. @ChuckBoothSport [Celebratory noises] #TOTJUV

  9. @MikeTagliereNFL Thank you. Been saying this for a while.

  10. @batespken Try using the extension nozzle on your vacuum for reaching those difficult spots under the couch.

  11. @XOofXOs PT Test cancelled. My referee training- with fitness component- not cancelled. Referees tougher than Army.

  12. @JosephVertin Boost your profile- bring an occifer

  13. @funkycoldmedema https://t.co/64IHKppwFK

  14. @funkycoldmedema https://t.co/JPVEhcDT0Y

  15. @ArmyStrang got a good waffle batter recipe? I feel like @XOofXOs might have one too....