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  1. @ChuckBoothSport Or just imposing blanket oversight provisions on leagues, with relatively uniform costs. NBA/MLB’s… https://t.co/VvzKEwGzV5

  2. @batespken https://t.co/NDFF1Ec7ZB

  3. @14TeamMocker Who are you again?

  4. @ChuckBoothSport I can get behind that. I ended up going with "the swollen shin" Coincidentally, I have a swollen… https://t.co/dy6yQg13wk

  5. @ChuckBoothSport ...why would you ever publish this?

  6. @inthesedeserts No worries. I bought some solid single malt “thoroughbred” whiskey from a local and now feel compelled to go all out.

  7. @DailyZeitgeist @jack_obrien @milesofgray So are y’all gonna start selling Zeitgang shirts? Gotta put my derby wi… https://t.co/8kPXjIgNCB

  8. @funkycoldmedema My bad.

  9. @milesofgray Woah. A keeper can LT score directly off a goalkick. That’s an indirect kick. ...wait, did I miss the point?

  10. @AccioKaffee Typically Thursday

  11. @ChuckBoothSport Pilot G2 0.05s or death

  12. Is this where you tweet from?

  13. @TheGospelOfTom Okay we have: - Deer I saw at Walter Reed just chilling by the running path. - My sister’s cat be… https://t.co/0ymRdO3VJ3

  14. @SamjPhilly @NBA I thought GT was unreviewable?

  15. @ChuckBoothSport @FPL_360 @playtogga 1st in Points For, 6th out of 8 in standing. How do you think I feel about the table Chuck?