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  1. Phinisee and Hunter were both strong shooters before all the medical stuff happened and we can see glimpses even now. Unfair to say that CAM never got any shooters. We just have unfortunate luck.
  2. hoosierfan6157

    IUBB vs Rutgers Game Thread 1/15 7 pm BTN

    Probably a lot more discouraged. I still want to see how next year works out with the new recruits. I believe Phinisee is still not 100%. He was one of our lockdown defenders and very confident on the floor and I’m hoping to see that happen before this season is over.
  3. hoosierfan6157

    IUBB vs Rutgers Game Thread 1/15 7 pm BTN

    I still feel we will make the tourney. Waiting until the end of the season to see what happens.
  4. hoosierfan6157

    Indiana vs Ohio State Postgame Thread

    This is the effort we all have been wanting to see!! Go Hoosiers!
  5. We SO NEEDED this win! Wish CBK was in attendance to see some of his former players and to see the team play hard!
  6. hoosierfan6157

    College Bball Thread

    I agree. Really puts things in perspective.
  7. hoosierfan6157

    IUBB @ Maryland - 1/4/20 @ Noon

    I agree. Just finished listening to Todd Leary and Jim Coyle and they both think something’s up with Phinisee. I want to cheer for this team so much. They cut the deficit to 3 with about 14 minutes in the second half then fell apart...
  8. hoosierfan6157

    IUBB @ Maryland - 1/4/20 @ Noon

    I plan to watch. Hope springs eternal!
  9. hoosierfan6157

    (2020) PF/C - Dawson Garcia to Marquette

    Great to hear from you! We all missed your positivity!!
  10. hoosierfan6157

    RIP Brother CCGeneral

    So sorry to hear that! Prayers for his family and friends!
  11. hoosierfan6157

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Great win and so glad they have a bye now!
  12. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Prayers Aloha!
  13. Yeah, that’s why his team was playing us in the NIT...
  14. Love McRoberts play! He’s keeping us in the game right now!
  15. hoosierfan6157

    Juwan Morgan Appreciation Thread

    Love Juwan! Have an amazing senior day and make memories with your team that we can share in as your fans!!