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  1. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Prayers Aloha!
  2. Yeah, that’s why his team was playing us in the NIT...
  3. Love McRoberts play! He’s keeping us in the game right now!
  4. hoosierfan6157

    Juwan Morgan Appreciation Thread

    Love Juwan! Have an amazing senior day and make memories with your team that we can share in as your fans!!
  5. hoosierfan6157

    Keep getting redirected to a spam site

    I just keep refreshing and starting again until it stops. Then I can go for weeks until it happens again.
  6. hoosierfan6157

    Indiana @ Illinois Game Thread- 3/7 - 8:00pm - FS1

    Love the win! Love my Hoosiers!!
  7. hoosierfan6157

    Indiana @ Illinois Game Thread- 3/7 - 8:00pm - FS1

    So happy for the guys! Gotta finish strong!!
  8. hoosierfan6157

    College Bball Thread

    I really hope that he is able to play next season! Would love to see what he is truly capable of!!
  9. So proud of the guys and their effort! Great defense by RP!! And I thought it was great that the students rushed the court Hopefully that will fuel their fandom and support of this team to a great finish!!!
  10. hoosierfan6157

    Knight In Declining Health

    So sorry hoosierbannerd. Praying for you and your family.
  11. hoosierfan6157

    Knight In Declining Health

    Praying for CBK and his family.
  12. hoosierfan6157

    Prayer Thread

    Praying for them to find healing and peace!
  13. hoosierfan6157

    Purdue at Indiana Game Thread - 7:00pm ESPN2

    Because the guys played great defense against him!
  14. hoosierfan6157

    Purdue at Indiana Game Thread - 7:00pm ESPN2

    Glad to see the guys play hard and with heart. Heartbreaking for sure.
  15. hoosierfan6157

    IU at Minnesota 2/16/19 2pm ESPN2

    Regarding this game and what will happen before Tuesday when we play next. One of the reporters asked CAM and he said that it was their ( meaning the coaching staff and team) responsibility to make those changes. I guess we will find out on Tuesday.