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  1. SilverAtlanta

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

    Love this signing! What a motor this young man has, and is a serious low post who plays it a bit "old school". not a lot of drifting away, and best yet, HE CAN PLAY DEFENSE!...Great job by CTC and company!
  2. SilverAtlanta

    Crean Against the World

    I think the final play of the first half told the story of the game.
  3. SilverAtlanta

    Peter Jurkin leaves Indiana

    I just wish I could have actually seen him play more than 30 seconds in about 2 games. but I  hope he does well in his future.I'm not feeling a sense of loss at his leaving, he was our phantom center, never got to play, have no idea what he could have done.
  4. SilverAtlanta

    (2014) PF Tim Priller to IU

    Just not sure what to think, very little information aside from the fact that the young man can shoot. Before we declare it desperation, or give him a nick name, perhaps we should see him play? We wanted height, we wanted shooters we wanted TC to get 4 year players, before all the rankings information, had RMK had signed this young man we would have thought he must be good of coach wouldn't have signed him. So far Crean's eye for talent has been pretty good, this last year we saw we need chemistry as well perhaps Tim Priller is that type of player? It isn't like he didn't play good competition, the Dallas area has produced some very good players(and NO, I am not counting Bracey Wright).
  5. SilverAtlanta

    Mike Woodson Fired

    Woody is a very good basketball coach, and having been in the league as long as he has he wouldn't leave to be an assistant to a coach like Crean who's resume' isn't as good as his own. As for making it past the second round of the playoffs as tantamount to success as a head coach, remember the Hawks won 13 games the year he started, and they had been coached by Terry Stotts who is now the coach at Portland, who has made the playoffs and probably will get past the second round. Is Stotts better than Woody?...REALLY?....I'd say your measuring stick is slightly off. So from 13 wins to 53, not too bad, and the Knicks hadn't been to the playoffs since what 2000 and D'Antoni wouldn't have gotten the Knicks as far as Woody did, he'd already lost the team. The man is tough minded, defense oriented, experienced and a Hoosier! He'll land well on his feet and in the league, just a matter of time and where he wants to coach, in the NBA there are a lot of places you just wouldn't want to coach. Great thing for Woody, he just got fired from one of the worst ran franchises in the league, no picks this year, big money options to Stoudemire and Barngiani and the options are the players not the teams and if they choose to stay, the Knicks are over the cap! Blessings come in strange ways some times! Good for Woody, out just in time!
  6. SilverAtlanta

    Coaching Tree

    Once you remove Coach K from the tree the best shot would be ex-players. Crews has had a long career, and I am sure he is a good coach but his performance was never impressive enough to think. wow! IU really missed in not hiring him. One of the better coaches RMK had on his staff was the least sexy pick of them all, Royce Waltman,(RIP) great guy, good coach but not the kind of "splash" that a program like IU needs to recruit at the level we fans want. As college programs have changed to a farm league of the NBA I'd think that an NBA coach(with IU ties) like Woodson would be the closest to what you need to recruit, Whitman has finally found some success, but it seems he has always been the interim coach of really bad NBA teams. A lot of folks weren't too excited about Woody when his name was mentioned, but after watching him take a team like the Hawks from the absolute BOTTOM of the NBA to a play-off team, the man can coach. This year with the Knicks has been less than sterling no doubt, but then again look at the team. anyone here convinced that Carmello will ever take a team to a NBA championship, when they have to get there through Indy, Miami and Chicago?  
  7. SilverAtlanta

    (2014) SF Marial Shayok to Virginia

    From looking at the photo in the article posted Stuhoo, this guy may not be done growing. His dad looks HUGE! Second Canadian I have seen mentioned, maybe Crean has found something better than what he is able to get this late in recruiting here? 
  8. Living in SEC country, if this is true than UGA, with all the wealthy backers in a football crazy state would be perennial national champs. Alabama isn't near as wealthy as just Atlanta alone, not to mention South Ga. where high school football is some of the best you'll ever see. Not saying that some of this doesn't goes on, but this article makes it sound endemic to the SEC and very common place.
  9. SilverAtlanta

    Yogi Ferrel's future.

    Yogi needs to develop a bit more, and he will have that opportunity. His size will dictate his stay in Candy Stripes, the NBA does like a taller guard unless that guard is highly skilled. He'll get his chance to make an NBA team but he'd benefit by staying in college as long as he can. One mock draft has him as the 8th best PG for next year, second round at best, and unless someone falls in love with him, LATE second round!
  10. SilverAtlanta

    Coach Cal

    It would be tough to not want to be in the Final Four almost every year, the question is how you do so without the baggage. In Florida you saw a starting line up of mostly Seniors, coached by a guy that seems to operate in the "right" way. In UConn you saw one really determined, highly skilled mix of Seniors, Juniors and others and although Callahan got in some scrapes(remember they were banned from the tournament last year) basically a program that has been high performing mix of players. I'd prefer the Florida method recruiting in state,(most of those guys were Floridians)  with a tough coach who knows how to take advantage of the teams strengths and expose the weakness in the opponent. Cal will be gone sooner or later, the NBA will offer too much money and he will get GREEDY!
  11. SilverAtlanta

    (2014) C Link Kabadyundi to TCU

    7ft. tall and has a pulse....runs better than Roy Hibbert, is he healthy?  How about the big white guy in the video, he seems more skilled! Too bad we don't know who he is!
  12. SilverAtlanta

    B1G Players Declaring for the Draft/Graduating

    Surprised there is only one early entry so far, wonder how many will end up going.
  13. SilverAtlanta

    It really happened

    My mother was born and raised in Kentucky, she is the only member of her family to have the good sense to leave! All of my Cousins went to U of K, they live and breath U of K, it has been nothing but U of K for most of my life. I really dislike U of K, then my nephew went to U of K, so now I get to hear it from my sister and nephew, UGH! I was the better man, and didn't gloat in their loss although, in my mind it was every possibly snarky, rude, uncouth, horrible thing I could think of. I hope they NEVER win #9!
  14. SilverAtlanta

    It really happened

    Great guard play wins out, there is hope for us yet! UCONN improved so much from when IU played them, made me wish I had kept the IU/UCONN game on the DVR just to do the comparison. Napier's play was outstanding, Napier's determination was never close to being matched!   Ding Dong the Witch is Dead!....Now if Cal will take the Lakers job, start Kentucky West in L.A. life will be good!
  15. UGA has much better weather but it is a football school. Down here Ga. Tech is more of the basketball school, but who knows what goes through the mind of an 18 year old. Since the Herrick scandal UGA's basketball program has been a struggle but Fox has done a good job at promoting the program and it has gotten better. I doubt UGA will unseat U of K , Florida or Vanderbilt  as the SEC's powerhouses in basketball, but Fox will work hard and just got an extension.