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  1. Didn't the ncaa mandate this a few days ago? The coaches bumped elbows
  2. Holy ****. Get the starters out of the game now.
  3. Does NBA travel on commercial flights?
  4. Word. I'm really rooting for him. I dig his style just not the product on the court. Hoping things turn around soon
  5. It appears Archie's game plan is to wear them down by playing fast and rotating lots of players
  6. Geeze......we suck. If we lose this one I'm not sure I want them to play in the tournament. Ready for this crap to end
  7. Nope. Too many beers between now and then
  8. I think archie was talking to his belly button
  9. Who is this monster interviewing archie
  10. No green in awhile and we're building a lead
  11. Minny missing the bunnies too
  12. Brunk missed 4 of those I think. Horrible looking ft stroke