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  1. fwgreenway

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    Nice article with TG from ITH. https://www.insidethehall.com/2019/10/14/trey-galloway-says-indiana-can-be-pretty-good-this-year-anxious-to-start-final-season/
  2. fwgreenway

    2021 General Recruiting Thread

    The greed in me says I would take that - Lander Kaufman Furst Wesley and Goode (FAB 5) in a heart beat!
  3. fwgreenway

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Love the pics mamasa. Much appreciated!
  4. fwgreenway

    2020 General Recruiting Thread

    In regard to Loveday and Garcia - Loveday would be a more traditional 5 and Garcia is more of a face up 4? So does Garcia help as much in losing Davis as Loveday might have? Regardless, I think Garcia would be great to add to the class of 2020.
  5. fwgreenway

    (2020) PF Matt Cross to Miami

    This. Makes a lot of sense to me. My only thought is if the staff is looking at a 4-6 man class then they know the 5th or 6th scholarship is likely available because of someone else graduating/transfer. If that's the case then I kinda hope they do get a big and another PG and end with a 5 man class. Depth at the pg would be nice in 2020. Just as long as it doesn't steer Lander away in 21. I don't know if Love is 'thee' answer, but I think Rob could play on the court at the same time with him. And balance would be better with only a 4 man class, but we all know recruiting is fluid, so who knows how the current roster will look 2-3 yrs from now with early entry, graduation or transfer?
  6. fwgreenway

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Thanks IUc2016. What a great quote! And welcome aboard Mr. Geronimo
  7. fwgreenway

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Well....... @dandakich: Possibly something interesting happening w #iubb" hmmmm
  8. fwgreenway

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    Yes it is. I listened to the interview yesterday and find myself feeling very happy coach Roberts is coming back to IU. BTW - welcome home coach.