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  1. TheWatShot

    Fire Fred Glass

    Just wanted to take an opportunity to say this, since I forgot to post it the other night: Just. Like. FOOTBALL. Take that UConn and Nebraska! We beat you in football AND basketball! Bow to our athletic superiority in both major sports! Man, that felt good. On the rare occasions when we beat somebody in football, our basketball team usually sharts. We tried to in both games this week, but this was just meant to be. Just-like foot-ball!
  2. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Nebraska 12/13 8 pm BTN

    The 73-72 squeaker over LIU-Brooklyn awhile back is up there. We also started one of the Mike Davis seasons by scoring in the 50's against Western Illinois and Indiana State. Now that I'm thinking about those years, I think we beat Oral Roberts by a point one time as well. I honestly think people are scared sh*tless of another late-season meltdown, to the point where everything that happens until then is a sign of the apocalypse.
  3. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Nebraska 12/13 8 pm BTN

    57-54 and we look like crap. 96-90 and we look like crap. Guess it'll be another week before we have a chance to look like crap again.
  4. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Nebraska 12/13 8 pm BTN

    Hopefully the players remember that we were Nebraska's only Big Ten road win last year.
  5. TheWatShot

    Poll: Archie Miller

    May not be the best comparison, but I look at what Teri Moren has done with the women's program and hope we may see something similar here. Moren had a decent, but not spectacular, record at Indiana State. Her first season here went very poorly. We had like 4-5 players transfer when it ended. Her second season was better, but we took a step back over the next two. Some people actually wanted her fired for missing the tournament when Tyra Buss was a senior (because you know, missing the tourney at a program that's only been there 3 times ever is a fireable offense). Look at what's happened since. I'm not saying we'll start hanging banners by Archie's sixth season, but the women's program endured a long, slow climb to respectability because Moren had to drastically change the culture of the program. It's entirely hers now, and it's achieving success like we've never seen. Imagine if we'd cut her loose in 2018, declined the WNIT bid, and started over. We'd probably suck, and no one would care. I know this isn't the best comparison, given the lack of success historically on the women's side and a lot fewer fans who are fed up with losing, but it's why I'm willing to wait this out.
  6. TheWatShot

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    I pity the team that gets hosed out of their skulls in a playoff loss to the Pats. We know it's coming.
  7. TheWatShot

    Fire Fred Glass

    Are the coaching search threads still on this board? I don't feel like digging them up, but I'm honestly curious how many people wanted Holtmann in March of 2017. I don't remember his name coming up very often during the search, if at all. It seems many suddenly wanted him after OSU took him and he started having success. Maybe my memory sucks, I don't know, but that's what I remember.
  8. TheWatShot

    Bowl Projection

    So first we were playing UK, then it was UT, then it was UK again, and now it's UT. The media is awesome.
  9. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    I just don't know if the culture of softness will ever be purged from this program. Mike Davis and Tom Crean were here far too long and left too big an imprint.
  10. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    1) Has this happened yet? 2) Check 3) Probably in progress 4 and 5) N/A due to our ineptitude preventing either scenario from occurring.
  11. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    Emotional letdown after the big win the other night? Kids taken aback by the atmosphere after 8 straight games in their cozy home court? Generation Z mindset that this is just another game and it's not really that important? Who knows.
  12. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    I've started to come to grips with the fact that this is just what we are now. I know people will say that's unacceptable, we should demand more, etc., but I honestly think this is just what we are. Things change, nothing lasts forever, and our basketball program isn't immune to that. We can long for the days of motion offense, hard-nosed defense, and having a sense of pride knowing that we have a team that's tough and will play well anywhere, but those days are over and I don't think we'll ever get them back.
  13. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    Anyone who's surprised by this must have just started following IU basketball.
  14. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    IU is attempting to play basketball at Wisconsin.
  15. TheWatShot

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    Hey, already one of my five bullet points happened: "This is the best we've seen from them."