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  1. TheWatShot

    College Bball Thread

    Indiana basketball is the kid struggling to stay upright on a bike without training wheels while the bluebloods cruise around the block and pop wheelies.
  2. I said this yesterday, but if you're going to take shots at any IU athletic program, baseball is about the last one you should aim for. We've elevated our baseball program way above where it was 10 years ago. Now if you want to pick on the money pit known as our football program, or the three-ring circus known as our basketball program, fire away. Those programs aren't even close to pulling their weight.
  3. Not sure why this is coming up in a baseball thread. Our baseball program has done alright for itself. We've won 3 Big Ten titles in the last 7 years, been to the tournament six times, and have sustained success under three different coaches. No 3-4 year rebuilds, no embarrassing PR, and no one telling us to "be patient." I could write a book about the lifelong failure known as IU football, but I don't really bother with it anymore, having recognized the university's long-term and total inability to intelligently manage that program. Men's basketball is what's really failing us. There is zero excuse for it to have been this bad for this long.
  4. This is 3 in the last 7 years, isn't it? Out of curiosity, I took a glance at how our former coaches are doing. I know Tracy Smith was under a lot of pressure at Arizona State, and many were shocked he wasn't fired after last season. He must have figured something out, as they're currently 36-14. Chris Lemonis has Mississippi State at 45-11.
  5. Not really that crazy. If you were cheating your a$$ off and getting away with it, why would you stop? This is why coaches like Calipari will never leave until they retire. Conversely, why would a clean coach want to continue recruiting against a laughably un-level playing field? See: Brad Stevens.
  6. You're being kind. There are MAC schools that treat their basketball programs better than we do.
  7. I don't know, I'm not too wild about a player who talks about how many shots he'll get as a factor in his decision.
  8. TheWatShot

    Recruiting Violations

    For whatever reason, IU just seems to be scared sh*tless of the NCAA. Maybe it's a residual effect from the days of Myles Brand working there or maybe we just have a bunch of control freaks in our compliance department. Places that have this level of micro-management typically net poor results, as we're seeing here.
  9. I hope this isn't one of those kids who's drawn to a coach "because he played in the NBA," but I have a feeling he is.
  10. TheWatShot

    Recruiting Violations

    He took $28 million in BTN money that was supposed to go to our athletic department and used it to build the Global and International Studies building.
  11. TheWatShot

    Recruiting Violations

    It doesn't help when you have a president who abhors athletics. A fish rots from the head down.
  12. TheWatShot

    Recruiting Violations

    Crap like this is why our revenue sports suck and probably will for the foreseeable future.
  13. TheWatShot

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    I have never seen a 5 second call during a live ball in an NBA game. Remember, the NBA wants scoring/highlights. They don't want rules that reward defense.
  14. Is being the southern-most school really an advantage? I ask because I've heard some of our fans claim we should dominate the league for this reason. Michigan and Minnesota have pretty good histories in baseball and they're far from southern. And on a given day, I doubt the weather in Champaign or Columbus is that much colder or wetter than Bloomington.
  15. Wasn't the Victory Field game supposed to be against Notre Dame, and BSU was the replacement team?