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  1. Defenserocks28

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    No tournament. Jeezzzz, and to think I thought we had a team capable of a sweet sixteen. This team had good offense movement for about 6 plays in a row. Then, once we pulled ahead, it's as if we didn't know how to play with the lead and wanted to fall behind. Just really odd. Definitely no killer instinct on this team.
  2. Defenserocks28

    So some concerns I’m having...

    You never ever should look that bad at home...ever. Pathetic all around. This won't be the coach to get us a championship. The constant trend of coming out flat, and then this game, falling behind by almost twenty in no time at all...does not happen to good coaches. We do have talent. This was atrocious. Miller is not the guy. Dang it!!!! I really wanted him to be.
  3. Defenserocks28

    #IUMS - 2018 College Cup

    Did they introduce the soccer team before IU vs NW game today?
  4. Defenserocks28

    IU at Michigan 11/17/18 4pm FS1

    The NCAA needs to figure out how to remove "cramping" from the game. Some massive BS. Same thing as last year. Indiana driving fast, UM starts falling over themselves from "cramps." Their defense rests up, can game plan, and then, surprise...sack!
  5. Defenserocks28

    Prediction League (Game 3 - Ball State 9/15/18)

    IU 24 Ball State 20
  6. Defenserocks28

    Jordan Hulls - Bremerhaven (Germany)

    Bummer for JH.
  7. Defenserocks28

    Jordan Hulls - Bremerhaven (Germany)

    Anybody else watching Jordan Hulls go up against Boeheim's Army in TBT?
  8. Defenserocks28

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Glad they got the block/charge call right. That wasn't even remotely close to being a charge.
  9. Defenserocks28

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Is LeBron a hell of a basketball player? Yes. He’s a freak of nature that can bully his way to the basket and can shoot well enough from outside to open the interior for his drives. His style of play isn’t exactly fun to watch. Like Shaq, he can just physically dominate players. When you’re a defender and an offensive player can bulldoze into you and get a foul call, there’s not much you can do. Shaq did it, LeBron does it; I don’t like that the NBA allowed it for Shaq, I don't like that they allow it for LeBron. How someone running full steam right into a defender with position, shove their elbow or shoulder into the defender, and still get a defensive foul call….I just don’t get it. So there, that sucks to watch. However, I don’t like LeBron because he’s arrogant as all heck. Who in the hell anoints oneself as “The King”, “The Chosen One.” Seriously, if that isn’t egotistical and ridiculous, I don’t know what is. Then, he decided that he needs to be the GM for his teams. And when that roster management leads to poor decisions and declining teams, he jumps ship. See Cleveland, see Miami, see Cleveland after this year. Teams he’s on get lazy, they don’t defend, they phone in games, and LeBron acts like it’s all their fault when he’s obviously always the common denominator. Say what you will about MJ, but his teams brought it season after season. You knew you were always getting his best on a nightly basis. With LeBron, who the heck knows. I guess you could summarize my disdain for LeBron in that he’s utterly arrogant, causes issues and drama on every team he’s on, passes off blame to teammates, forces roster moves but then blames the GM when they don’t work out, and yes, I know every superstar does it (doesn’t mean I have to like it), but his whining…good lord. Regarding watching his games. I do not watch him during the regular season. But I love watching our former Hoosiers, and thus, have been watching these playoffs. It is what it is. Trust me, I wish he was playing in the Western Conference so he'd be eliminated by the 2nd round and I wouldn't have to watch him any longer.
  10. Defenserocks28

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    That LeBron face is misplaced, should be on a horse's @$$
  11. Defenserocks28

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    If I were the Pacers, anytime LeBron gets a head of steam, and since you know you'll be called for a foul no matter what, just foul really really hard. Make him second guess drives. He rams his shoulder or elbows into your chest (ie, every....single...one....of...his...drives); bring your arm down hard across his arms when he goes up for the shot. Don't let him get a shot off. Tire him out. Make him really begin to second guess drives to avoid the gauntlet.
  12. Defenserocks28

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Lol, I know it's nothing new...but LeBron can put his shoulder down, run into the defender who has his arms straight up, flail around, and get a defensive foul call. Fing absurd.
  13. Defenserocks28

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    Clear goaltend:
  14. Defenserocks28

    2018-19 NBA Thread

    I'm not sure. Philadelphia has been playing out of their mind. I could see them taking Cleveland down. So many 3 point shooters on Philly, could be a match-up nightmare for Cleveland. Won't matter though. Whoever comes out of the West, whether it's Houston or Golden State will destroy the East. And then LeBron will jump to another ready-made winner. Create a bunch of drama and discord. Players will leave. But that will be his last go around. He'll be too old to do it again.