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  1. NOLA Hoosier

    College Bball Thread

    And Rutgers at 13
  2. NOLA Hoosier

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    We moved into a house right before things got really weird with the lockdowns, so we have been plenty busy working around here. I won’t lie and say that I’m not going a little stir crazy but my DIY skills are exponentially improving!
  3. NOLA Hoosier

    College Bball Thread

    Those super-teams (his best team actually) have hung exactly one championship banner in Cal’s entire tenure at UK. We are fast approaching 10 years since the last one, and never say never but I don’t see another one coming in the interim. Unless you get lightning in a bottle, that’s what happens when you randomly assemble 5 stars. And all this in the SEC. Not saying that league is down every year or anything, but it’s still the SEC. I think we can all agree that UK would be an upper-middle (like between 4-7) B1G team every year.
  4. NOLA Hoosier

    What was your first/earliest memory of...

    Ha! I can’t say I was old enough to remember, but my dad is really proud that it wasn’t “mama” or “dada” but Uwe because of the crowd chants. Now my first real IU memory was walking out onto the court with my dad when all the lights were off, back around ‘89...a janitor found us right outside one of the tunnels and said “are you guys supposed to be here?” My dad apologized and we started walking off when the guy stopped us and told me to go stand at center court directly on the “I.” My dad said to walk out there alone, and after a minute or two all of the lights came on in the Hall and I stood there looking around. I was probably only 5 or so, but it was an incredibly important moment I’ll never forget.
  5. NOLA Hoosier

    What was your first/earliest memory of...

    My first word: “Uwe.”
  6. NOLA Hoosier

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    Haha! Columbus is a cool town but the campus is really ugly. We are so spoiled by our beautiful limestone castles here. And the modern buildings aren’t all bad except for Ballantine which is an eyesore and should be torn down and the godawful Satanic stairs stricken from all records and memory.
  7. NOLA Hoosier

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Lunardi had us playing Brigham Young. I know that wouldn’t have actually happened, but man I wish it would have.
  8. My dad has been a season ticket holder since Coach Hep’s first season, and 2020 will be the first year he declines to renew his tickets. I told him to use those preferred points or whatever towards basketball (apparently you lose all that you accumulated if you sit out a season).
  9. NOLA Hoosier

    (2021) PG Khristian Lander to INDIANA

    Sooooo..... anyone know how all this affects his reclass to 2020?
  10. NOLA Hoosier

    PC Stellar simmed Big Ten tournament

    I was fully convinced IU narrowly beats PSU then beats Maryland because 3 times in one season ain’t gonna happen (unless you’re Nebraska). It blows so hard because I honestly thought we were gonna make our first deep run.
  11. Heard it was food poisoning as well.
  12. Really really really wish that O-lineman got a shot off. Couple good looks too!
  13. This is the weirdest game I’ve ever seen this season, for several reasons now.
  14. Welp, that may do it for the NBA the rest of the season.