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  1. So, do you want an offensive specialist or a player development coach? I thought Schilling was one of the best player development guys? May be this is on the players. All during Crean’s tenure everyone wanted to say he had nothing to do with guys getting better, it was all the players work ethic, now many of those same people want to blame Archie for guys like Green, Smith and Durham not getting better (which isn’t really true, as much as Green and Durham frustrate me, they have improved). This loss was 100% on the players. Their effort was good and we played hard, but at some point a power 5 basketball player has to sack up and make a shot. The offense, while definitely limited because of our personnel, got a ton of wide open shots tonight. At some point guys have to make them, Archie can’t shoot them for them.
  2. Is an offensive specialist going to make wide open shots go in? This was not an effort loss, we just held a team to 59 points and outrebounded them, if wasn’t effort. We had some bad turnovers from the usual suspects and didn’t make a shot outside the paint until there were 5 minutes left in the game. We lost because nobody could shoot. Most of the perimeter shots missed were completely wide open.
  3. He didn’t say the rotation was shortening. He said he’d shorten it if he had too. He’d do whatever they needed to win. If guys didn’t give effort and play hard, then they wouldn’t play and he’d play the 5 guys that do. Everyone did play hard and with passion, so the message reached them.
  4. That’s not really what I meant. Of course you have to have flexibility, I meant that the idea to cancel because word got out and they don’t want a spectacle is maybe not the best way to go.
  5. I think an aspect to Hunter playing better the other day was that he was able to settle in and get comfortable, and part of that was that he didn’t have to split time with Anderson. I really like Anderson, but it’s tough for both he and Hunter when they each get 8-10 minutes instead of one of them getting 15-20. It stinks for one of them, but I think Archie really needs to choose one and give them the minutes for 3-4 games and see if they can thrive.
  6. The best way to not have it made into a spectacle is to have it really planned out, both IU and the Knight family have everything approved, including the date. It becomes a spectacle if he just shows up, ultimately sending the IU admin into scramble mode. That's when mistakes and rash decisions get made. Agree on where he'll sit, what is/isn't allowed in terms of TV cameras, media, jumbotron etc. and have the video approved and ready to roll, agree on the date, and then it's super simple.
  7. BGleas

    College Bball Thread

    Even if it was just a token press, I was really glad to see Archie bring that back against OSU after it worked so well the last 10 minutes against NW. Sometimes just mixing things up a bit during a game can swing momentum, I just hope we keep doing it because it hasn’t happened often in the Archie era. It’s like a football team who’s offense has stalled most of the game, then they come out in a no huddle and it kickstarts everything.
  8. I think the best outcome for IU is Archie devlivering in his statement about shortening the rotation. Bench Green and Davis, play a small, tight rotation. The hopeful outcome is that it galvanizes the guys in the rotation and hopefully we can steal a win from OSU, but the other outcome is that it hopefully whips Green into shape and he decides he wants to be a part of this team. Can IU win without Green? Yes, because he makes so many bad, selfish plays. But, IU can’t reach its full potential without ‘good Devonte’. Might be wishful thinking, but it would be great if it played out that way.
  9. BGleas

    How mad/upset would you really be?

    I hate to hijack this thread and I also hate to make it about rankings, and while I like some of what Archie has done (lots of Midwest kids), the reality is that this roster if filled with guards and wings ranked 100+, with a majority 130+ in their high school rankings, and leftovers from Crean we’re even worse. To win at a high level consistently, we’re going to need some guards like Yogi, as an example.
  10. BGleas

    How mad/upset would you really be?

    I’ll back you up a little bit here though, in terms of your OP. I don’t think a freshmen Leal would ever take Durham’s spot, but I do agree with you that Durham is not a key player on an elite team. For all the criticism Archie takes, IMO the biggest criticism should be why are we counting on Durham and Green to be core, key guys in year 3? I’m way less worried about the offense and the Pack Line, than I am about our recruiting. We’re counting on Durham to be a 25-30mpg guy and Devonte Green to be a our primary perimeter scoring threat. That’s the big issue. Those guys are 7th-10th guys on any Big Ten Title contending team, not frontline players.
  11. BGleas

    How mad/upset would you really be?

    Bottom line is, if Al Durham, or anyone really, is going to take 12 free throw attempts, I’ll happily take that every single game. Along with his leadership and defensive pressure the last 10 minutes, which changed the pace of the game, he had a good night. Was he great? No, really nobody was. But, he had a good, solid night.
  12. BGleas

    How mad/upset would you really be?

    No it’s not. They weren’t all shooting fouls. I believe we had them in the bonus in both halves, and really early in the first half.
  13. BGleas

    How mad/upset would you really be?

    Getting to the foul line and getting the other team in foul trouble is a hugely important aspect of a basketball game. I’ll take it any time one of guards can get to the line 11 times in a game. That was a big factor last night.
  14. BGleas

    Your Starters and Lineups

    Worse dribbling, worse shooting, worst finishing at the basket, but smarter and a much better defender. Williams could fly to the basket and break someone down off the dribble to get to the basket. Smith can't do that.
  15. BGleas

    Your Starters and Lineups

    Not too many 'natural 3's' that can't dribble or shoot. And no, he can't dribble. I mean yes, technically he can dribble a ball, but he has almost no ability to break a defender down with the dribble and get to the basket. Almost all of his scoring comes from the paint and the block. His best move the past 2-3 weeks has been his little jump hook from the block/paint. Just because he's 6'8", long and athletic, it doesn't make him a 3. You have to have the skill to go with it and he doesn't. Where I will agree with you is that Smith is really important to this team. That's why I've never suggested, at least not this season, removing him from the lineup. He can and would be really effective playing around the basket and slashing to the basket if there was actually space to do it, but with TJD, Brunk and Smith playing together there is no space. We also need his defense, he often gets overlooked as one of our best defenders.