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  1. lucel15

    IU Wrestling

    Also one to watch on this team is Brock Hudkins. Especially come tourney time.
  2. lucel15

    IU Wrestling

    I’m a high school head coach here in Indiana. First year as the head coach. Last year I was the assistant. Angel has assembled a great roster. It’s young but has a lot of talented wrestlers that he kept in state. Several state champs. One three time champ. Several two times state champs. Indiana has always produced top notch wrestlers and the talent in the past 3-4 years was amazing and we let them leave the state or they chose to go to Purdue who put a focus on the region up north (great wrestling up in that area). Goldman focused on the eastern part of the country and had some hits but a lot of misses, but I think that also goes back to him investing a ton of time in the program from what I’ve heard in his final years. If angel can continue hitting the Midwest states hard like he has....this team can compete to be top 5 in conference which is where they should shoot for given the teams in our conference. PSU, OSU, Iowa, Michigan, Nebraska, Minny. There should be 2-3 NCAA qualifiers this year, but in the years to come.....we could see 4-6 every year. His staff has put time in rebuilding relationships throughout the state and coaches are noticing and athletes as well
  3. lucel15

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Word is up north....that Mark is possibly done after this season. It’s been out there in the weeds for a couple weeks now....with legal troubles and performance issues....fans are starting to foam.
  4. Ik I’m late to the party, Had to calm down before I posted but here we go Game thoughts. pre game I told myself and buddies that if we could go up 10-14 early it would be over. NW Defense can only hold on and make plays for so long, their offense is one of the worst I’ve seen in awhile. We dominated. First half defense still needs to come out sharper, but man have to give credit to Womack and Co for their second half adjustments the last 3 games. offense- Penix looked hot, then looked off, then looked hot. You can tell why he was named starter especially on the first pass to whop...from what I could tell whop was his last read, and he looked like he was gonna check it down to walker out of backfield, he then saw whop hit the hole in the zone and quickly whipped it to the right side of the field. Injury report will be interesting, I’m starting to ask myself is this is mental thing that he will need to learn to overcome? Line did some good things. Bedford was anxious under the lights, he will have to not make mistakes like that in big time games. Stevie is doing the little things and he’s growing as a player and becoming a well rounded back before our eyes. The WRs when they are on....can compete and dominate anyone. Defense- Demarcus Elliott is a man child. He disrupts all the time. Athletic young players from the Dline-secondary.....future is bright on defense all around. I would like to see more fire from the start. Overall happy game overall, what I expected if we could get up early on them. Proud of this team and staff. off field items- mainly what I’ve seen on Twitter (not a great place to get info as trolls are out there), but I cannot understand the ever changing goals for the football team....the start of the season it was... just win, no matter if it was ugly win.....then it became beat Rutgers and Maryland..Nebraska.....and maybe crossovers here and there....they’ve done that....and they are 7-2 and you still have a crowd saying nah this team sucks, they aren’t good and blah blah blah.... this team has done what was asked of them and you still boo boo and have the poo pooers out there..... Yeah I’m an emotional IU football supporter, I admit that....but sheesh this team has done basically what it was asked to do yeah it choked at MSU....but many still had them losing to them in pre season predictions....OSU well I thought Justin fields might have some hiccups and cause their offense to sputter here and there....hand up lol I was wrong and he’s legit. My rant is over! This football team is fun, fast, passionate..... oh and Tiawan grabbing coach Allen on the field and telling him “I told you this is why’d I’d come here and help do” just speaks to what he and the younger kids think about IU. They love it. They love the football team and they love the coach. Crazy what a hs coach is starting to do in his third year. go Hoosiers, rest, refocus and get ready for happy valley. Win or lose I’ll be there for the Michigan game.
  5. lucel15

    Cutting the Cord

    Love YouTubeTV
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  7. lucel15


    Yellow is church and red is also a pay lot. I believe it is a property related to IU. $20 bucks. I parked there two years ago and last year
  8. lucel15


    Should be able to I’ll go through my photos as well as there is a pay lot next to church as well that isn’t a pass lot that I think people forget about
  9. No I don’t expect to lose any to early draft. I think kids will want to stick around and be apart of something special once again. I think and the vibe I get/have gotten is there’s tons of unfinished business left. Meaning missed bowl chances. Not to mention.....whops year has been great, but I think missing A lot of games last year hurt his future stock aka this coming draft....I can see major contributors staying. I can also see cronk coming back....moves to guard since that’s his playing position in the nfl.
  10. lucel15

    Hats off to Peyton Ramsey

    Hats off to him! I’ve never hated on him just his arm strength. He made great throws and today I’ll eat crow. What a game by him and the team. Let’s go men. Fill the rock. Let’s start a fund and buy tickets for people who typically wouldn’t go!
  11. lucel15

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Let’s go! That was a team win. Ugly first half. Bad penalties. 6-2. Cheers men/women, want to be inclusive. Get drunk. Forget tonight and let’s fill the rock.
  12. lucel15

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Correct on Penix. And word is Penix was going to keep playing/take starting role after that penn state game as coaches were somewhat ready to make a change. But then the good ol ACL. Correct on competing. If you’re good enough and consistent and showing it at practice it’s your spot to lose. I get slowly getting Tiwan in there he’s maybe 170 dripping wet. Then he proved himself when it mattered and he’s now starting weekly as of late. Same with Williams. Two underclassmen taking starting roles from upperclassmen becuase they’ve been consistent.
  13. lucel15

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    What obsession? Everyone has to evaluate how to use red shirts? You have an idea of who will use one. Who is not and who is in between 4 games less or more. Not just allen, especially when you aren’t getting blue blood recruits. You ease most freshmen unless they are leaps and bounds above other players On the roster see Stevie Scott after last year and after that first game....the game speed is completely different not to mention majority of your freshman are getting to campus later unless they are a early enrollee. More schools have switched to a year round schedule which means they are enrolling later in the summer and getting to campus mid June. They need to learn the playbook and actually practice what is being taught. Allen has acknowledged this point on a lot of freshmen when asked about their playing time. He’s also said if you’re good enough and consistent enough you will play and not red shirt. Not to mention with the new red shirt rule, you can play them early against trash opponents which we have done with several this year....or you save them and get them in against bigger opponents for example James Miller against Michigan and he was able to still red shirt while getting in a valuable game and still having 5 years to develop instead of just 4 . Jones has had a stellar year at right tackle. They also weren’t going to throw Bedford in to the blindside tackle position opposite to cronk. Everyone’s known the potential in Bedford. He’s going to be a star. As for our DLine frosh. Sio has been amazing at clogging holes (won’t redshirt). The other DLine (I won’t count DMAC in here because he’s played juco at least) are adjusting to new positions, and aren’t strong enough or physical enough to get meaningful time. DK bonnohomme will not redshirt he’s been on every special teams coverage play since day one. He’s just not ready and buried on depth at LB. that role is still coming to him. Same to the athletic Cam Williams from what’s been said is that it’s a learning curve still for him and many other players that will redshirt. To Tiwan, he’s started the last 2 games at CB. So he’s no longer getting worked in. You don’t know how he’s going to play really against larger WRs. Most practices you aren’t going full boar. He showed up and showed out in MSU and he’s taken the starting role. the 2018 class had 28 commits 2 are not longer on the team. out of that 28. You had 10 kids play and not red shirt .redshirted kids you saw them play, but why waste a year of eligibility and development when they are buried on depth chart, most of those kids were OL, DL and WRs. Two dline guys were adjusting from DE to interior techniques...which is a major change in roles, OL kids just weren’t ready to play. Madison Norris has all the talent and speed in the world but until he adds weight and isn’t a 195-200lb DE he won’t get meaningful minutes his FR year so take time let him develop and focus on getting bigger. From that class the talented players that didn’t need redshirted were Reese Taylor Cam Jones James Head Stevie Scott Jamar Johnson Jaylin Williams Devon Matthews Micah McFadden Matt Bjorson Ronnie Walker from this 2019 class 22 sign schollies you have 7 right now that look like will not red shirt and they are Mullen Ellis James DK Sio Bedford Wracher (talented long snapper) you have 3 DL who are transitioned into new positions from the class.... 2 DBs buried on depth yet they have talent and speed, but the college transition is coming slower to them. A WR who showed up late to camp who played QB in hs. it’s not an obsession with saving redshirts it’s a smart thing to do when you don’t need to play everyone you sign and are creating depth. If they are leaps and bounds they will start ASAP if they have potential and are still adjusting to game speed you ease them in. I’ve never once really heard allen say we plan on redshirting everyone if we can....he’s said quite the opposite....if you’re good enough, play consistent enough, and know what you’re doing you will play.
  14. lucel15

    College Football Thread

    Why does it have to be 8-9 wins, a bowl berth and 7 would do just fine. I mean that was what everyone held Wilson to....get us to a bowl and extend or pay the guy....I believe he has 2 or 3 left on his contract. I think it’s the 3 year but I can’t remember. I’m fine with a little raise and extension. I’d like to at least make him middle of the pack in big ten. Also raise position coaches as well you held on and restructured S&C to keep them long term....when nfl teams came knocking. I was iffy on hiller but he deserves a nice raise as well as Hagen. Hiller has developed his kids nicely and has done well with the situation that has made him develop and get kids ready to step up ahead of time. This bit Wilson in the butt and it will cost allen recruits....coaches will poach on short term contracts and will recruit against opposing coaches contracts. Fleck is known for going after that with coaches. He talks crap...and will do whatever. Same with franklin. He’s done that as well for recruits.