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  1. Now hearing its Oregon and IU
  2. Possibly......I think he’s realized his best chances for a pro contract is the nfl route whereas last year around this time he was pretty much set on playing basketball D1 level. Do I think he plays meaningful minutes....no. Could he provide at least a big body and nimble feet who isn’t afraid to make contact down in the post.....yes and do I think he puts that into his decision I’d say a slight chance just because of how long this has been drug out.
  3. Yeah. He was going to sign. But then rumblings of his position coach leaving were true. And also IU caught wind of PJ and Co up there. Basically took cheap shots and low blows at Tom Allen and staff. Tom Allen and co caught wind of it and got right back in Williams ear. He hasn’t been committed to Minny since beginning of January. Just hasnt made it public. I’d be surprised if Oregon gets the signature. I think it’s IU or Memphis. From my contact.
  4. There is a legit sincereness from his side and his passion to stay in state and play for IU. If this were December and I was told he’d still be uncommitted.......by now....I’d say you’re crazy because everything pointed to big boys. I’d still give upper hand to OSU and penn state. But from what I’ve heard and I live on the west side is there is a legit shot with IU.
  5. Knew Tim Weaver was coming should’ve dropped something or a hint.... but I’m a hs assistant wrestling coach and a middle school head coach. So I have been busy as of late. I like chances at Sanguitti spelling is way off there. I like our chances with getting Kristian Williams....I like TJ Jones but that one is like Powell everyone in both those guys camp is basically saying it’s too close. Latrell Jean (DT) I think is a take no matter what....even with Whitner moving from OL to DL (rumored where they see him actually) kid from IMG we just signed in December. I like our chances if we offer Tolliver.
  6. From what I’m hearing it’s basically a tossup. NC state insider just appeasing his fans and what he hopes for. Others close to IU camp believe it’s a close race.
  7. Wasn’t it to NC state
  8. lucel15

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Yeah I haven’t heard anything in particular, but ik the coaches were interested and highly involved in trying to get him here for a fresh start....if I had to guess this will be chalked up to grades if I had to say.
  9. lucel15

    Mike DeBord Retiring

    Yeah no matter who the HC is in this situation......mike hart and Sheridan have value and he wanted to clean house.....next. I would’ve given him a chance, but to say Tom Allen is going to Tom Allen....lol that’s funny. Sheridan and Hart weren’t the problems and they are some of our best recruiters and you’d be fine if they were just banished. Lol
  10. lucel15

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    I mean I never stated anything on his game I just answered someone’s question on his eligibility. And right now I believe he wouldn’t be immediately eligible given rules. However there are waivers that can be processed and appeals which given the latest landscape....he would be given the thumbs up. Going off his HS film there is potential.....idk what type of player he is anymore, but he fills a need if we can’t find another WR for this class.....I’m willing to give him a chance before writing him off and comparing him to another player.
  11. lucel15

    Mike DeBord Retiring

    I’m hesitant about Canada a little bit, but I am not holding the LSU thing against him. There’s a reason he left/was let go. coach o didn’t let him run his offense. He didn’t do jack squat at LSU for that reason. I think he’s a creative coach and does what he can with the talent he’s given, when allowed to run his own offense.
  12. lucel15

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    I wanted to also say as of right now if he gets into IU....yes you are correct he has to sit a year.....my initial comment or first quote was it wouldn’t surprise me if he isn’t sitting come first game. Whether he plays. I’d say he has a higher than 50/50 chance to get waiver or appeal heard.
  13. lucel15

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Nope he’s already turned in transcripts and everything. Just waiting to hear back from the school is what I’ve heard. And I believe he could be eligible immediately...given how transfers have panned out the past year and how many kids were granted immediate eligibility citing coaching changes or stuff like that
  14. lucel15

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    This is true. There is mutual interest from staff. Right now we are his only school
  15. Is it bad that I’m not a fan of really any big time companies. Lol. Nike’s products have gone to the crapper and I think adidas is far more superior than what Nike is putting out. Now they don’t have the money like Nike, but as a consumer and seeing where adidas is trying to go I’d prefer them haha. No changes please. If we do heck let’s go with puma haha