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  1. lucel15

    (2020) RB Charlie Spegal

    Right now Williams seems to be all go IU. Recruiting the heck out of top targets. Buford will be a tough get in my opinion. But hey let’s go
  2. lucel15

    (2021) OT Blake Fisher

    Gonna be tough competition no matter what....maybe the recruiting gods will be on our side
  3. lucel15

    (2020) DE Deontae Craig

    It’s good we should be getting an official. He already took a Tennessee official. I would say top 4 or 5 to get officials are. Tennessee (obviously), Michigan, IU, Iowa, northwestern. That’s my take.
  4. lucel15

    (2020) RB Charlie Spegal

    You’re good didn’t take it personally. lol I just added the don’t shoot the messenger in there at the end for fun! I saw his testing results too.....and what not, he just plays well and runs well and has that “breakaway speed” in some instances for his size. Stevie Scott esque
  5. Great pickup. I am happy we got him. Knew we were top but when home state school came knocking it started to shift, glad he enjoyed his visit this past weekend. His case was interesting. He is going to enroll and be eligible this fall, but he could’ve changed classes to next year. Glad to get a somewhat experienced DL since we will have youth there inside. Great get by Allen and Co. kudos
  6. lucel15

    (2020) RB Charlie Spegal

    And I’m just saying what I’ve heard from friends and family in and around IU football....Boone is targeted for size and his speed together compared to other backs. Don’t shoot the messenger
  7. lucel15

    (2020) RB Charlie Spegal

    Michigan has talked to him in passing and supposedly ran FB type player.....big colleges don’t see him as a RB due to his speed......I think he’s a fantastic player but unless IU’s plan A, B and probably C players fall through then I don’t see him getting an offer for full ride. Unfortunately IU is in the game with some highly productive and competitive running backs as well... Peny Boone, teammate of Rashawn Williams, he’s closing in on an announcement and right now things have heated up for IU in regards with him.....he’s 6’2” 225 and has an explosive side that coaches want to see. Again it’s not Charlie’s size it’s his speed from what I’ve heard. Also, I could have seen an offer had he been in last years class or the year before that one.....fill a signing class type thing, but with this class it will be one of the smaller signing classes IU has had in recent years. It will be full of Oline players a few DL, LB, DB 1 or 2, QB and a RB and maybe another 1 or 2 WR and of course possibly a TE. That’s just where IU is today. Due to holes from past classes. If Charlie gets an offer great I’d be happy to have him play for IU, but right now he’s not on a lot of coaches boards.
  8. lucel15

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Believe his dad is still at NC state. Wish him nothing but the best
  9. lucel15

    IUFB Offseason Updates

    Yes....he was probably done and over injuries, could be a Willis type situation where he said he was graduating came back for his last season. However I don’t think we have a spot left and hopefully coaches will do their best to help
  10. Maybe the mommas love plays dividends. Unlike what happened in 2018 cycle when we lost out on charlton because his mom wanted him to go to UCF and wouldn’t sign off on IU because it wasn’t her choice.....
  11. Yessir. Hoping it’s us. Heard mom loves IU, the campus, education, and coach Allen
  12. I understand the frustration on this, but being from Avon, I’ve heard his offer wasn’t a committable one. Good for him and wish home the best. I believe IU will still play a role in his final decision. If you ask me it’s his height right now. His strength is given, but he’s not a DE player he would be a DT in our system. And given our recent targets it seems that coaches are trying to get length and size combo for inside. Nathaniel is a great kid!
  13. Per a podcast on recruiting the Hoosiers are legit contenders for more great recruits and Hart is doing work on the recruiting road. Peny Boone is the RB and we have made an impression on him. https://247sports.com/Player/Peny-Boone-46052941/ Rashawn Williams is his teammate and it’s a 3 team race IU, PU and Kentucky. Will be interesting race....Kentucky first offer, Purdue would love to have them, but they are in fights with other big time WRs and they need a big OL recruiting class just like we do https://247sports.com/Player/Rashawn-Williams-93980/ Williams will likely pull the trigger for a team before Boone.