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  1. lucel15

    (2020) RB Charlie Spegal

    I believe he received a PWO on his visit and if he’s a take, he’s a take as a PWO.
  2. Surprisingly IU fans are showing up today at least in the lot I’m in
  3. lucel15

    Parking pass. Lot 12 or even 11

    No worries found someone in Plainfield that was actually selling a lot 12 one! So mods you can delete this full post if that’s possible
  4. lucel15

    Parking pass. Lot 12 or even 11

    Yeah we might be doing that or I may just have them bring their cooler of drinks and food....and just have them park at the church and go back and pick them up and then they can walk to car after the game and I can finagle their stuff in the Jeep. That’s on the table now. Oh mom why do you have to be so cool lol. In her defense I don’t think she ever experienced a sold out Ohio state game back in the days we always took my uncle. Lol
  5. lucel15

    Parking pass. Lot 12 or even 11

    Lol no we have tried to figure it out....my parents have a enclave I think...if you know anything about that vehicle it does not have a lot of trunk space with middle seats up.I have a 4 door Jeep......we fold down the middle row to fit all tailgate items in there....so we have tried to figure out and trouble shoot....but it wouldn’t work given the tailgate supplies we have....unless we strapped people to the roof lol.
  6. My mom of all people went and bought tickets to the IU game for my dad and her, since I only have 2 season tickets for my gf and I. We had season tickets from 2004-2011 as a family....however she did not realize lots were sold out.....I know it’s a shot in the dark....does anyone have or know anyone that has an extra lot pass for 12 or even 11. If not no worries! Just wanted to see if there were any out there. My season parking pass is for 12, maybe I’ll run in to some of y’all at the game. Thank you!
  7. I’m just going to agree to disagree with you. I can see you’re on the he was a hs head coach seat. As for starters our secondary is old. Behind and depth wise which is what you win with is young.
  8. When will be stop trying to run a coach out of Bloomington.....all your statements on last years defense don’t even care to recognize who we were fielding on the field....we had one of the youngest teams in the nation and still have a youthful team. I’m not defending the tackling as it was awful in ball state game....however tackling in all of football has gone down if you watched first week games.....there’s now rules implemented as to how many contact practices you can have in preseason camp....I guess we will also throw out anything IU did against a lesser opponent in EIU....I guess you can’t credit that we tackled better....gave up zero points...I’m guessing if we had almost lost then it would have been brought up. But we can scratch all the close calls Wilson had. But if you’re going after who runs the defense.....Womack now runs it. Allen has publicly stated its weird not running the defense. He’s been a consultant and will help when he feels it’s not up to par.... But he knows he can’t run it fully if he’s the head coach. He spends more time during the week understanding what deboer is going to do on offense so he can run the team as a whole.
  9. Are we really going back down that road. It’s been stated by many on here who actually pay attention year in and year out. Allen had a great base to build on when he first got here, first year great defense....I guess we will also forget how poor Wilson got with his play calls when defense actually showed up....guess that’s on Allen as well....The recruiting voids....that Wilson didn’t fill when he was HC are now being addressed in Allen’s past classes. I guess I forgot we are bama and can plug freshmen right away and compete for championships. My bad. Over 80 kids on this roster are RS SO or younger.
  10. Wilson didn’t have depth on defensive side he had a starting eleven and maybe some depth at 2 postions. Any analytical site you go to shows that if you have an explosive offense you win games. There’s actual depth now, hence rotations and players not playing 40-60 plays a game.
  11. So yeah if anyone wants to follow me on twitter feel free haha
  12. Cough cough i am Logan. Lol. That’s my Twitter. I saw on snap he was warming up....that’s all I was going off of....to me it’s just weird that he’s in full pads trotting around practice.
  13. It’s just so weird he’s done two interviews since then......ugh
  14. Penix was getting rep with starters two weeks before the ball state game. It wasn’t announced until game week, but he took all of the first team reps the last week of fall camp before the first game prep week.