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  1. Gahoosierfan

    IU Hockey 101

    It is now known simply as Ft Wayne or Purdue Ft Wayne.
  2. Gahoosierfan

    College Football Thread

    This is incredibly embarrassing for the Big Ten.
  3. Gahoosierfan

    IU vs Uof6 Game Thread

    The refs called a lot of invisible fouls today. That happens and you just have to live with it. Archie couldn't hide his frustration with his team's free throw shooting. I'll bet they hear about it the whole Christmas break.
  4. If IU wants to move up in academic standings, the way to do it is simple. Be much more selective in admissions. Basically, anyone can get into IU. Compare that to UNC, UVA, UC Berkley, and any other Big10 schools. At IU it has always been the goal of the trustees and administration to make Bloomington have one of the largest enrollments in the country for a single campus. This equals larger budgets and more dollars to control for the people in charge. Academics are secondary and athletics a distant third.
  5. Gahoosierfan

    IU vs Maryland 11/10/18 Noon BTN

    Well I guess Allen gets one more year and then Glass gets to hire another IU assistant or a MAC coach.
  6. Gahoosierfan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I think when an organization has gone off the rails you start by axing the top guy.
  7. Gahoosierfan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    The problem with the NCAA is Mark Emmert.
  8. One thing I have learned after watching IU football for over 50 years is to be realistic. This has been another typical season. I didn't expect much, especially on defense considering the players they had returning. I really don't see another win this year. I think Coach Allen has to at the very minimum get to a bowl next year. He really needs to win 7 games to show progress. He will have a team made up mostly of his recruits and it will be time to show he can get the job done. If not he will be looking pretty vulnerable.
  9. Gahoosierfan

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    I think one thing to always remember is that Mark Emmert leads the NCAA. He has proven time and again that he is ineffectual. He always avoids offending the big names in basketball and football. He looked the other way when UNC had the most massive academic cheating scandal in history. He will try to finesse the current cheating scandal with some minor token punishment and then claim victory.
  10. Gahoosierfan

    Indiana @ Rutgers Game Thread 09/29 12:00PM BTN

    Up the middle. What the hell ?
  11. Gahoosierfan

    Indiana @ Rutgers Game Thread 09/29 12:00PM BTN

    Allen has really been out coached.
  12. Gahoosierfan

    Indiana @ Rutgers Game Thread 09/29 12:00PM BTN

    Ramsey has been very effective in the short passing game. Debord just can't stand success.
  13. Gahoosierfan

    Indiana @ Rutgers Game Thread 09/29 12:00PM BTN

    They are embarrassing to watch.
  14. Gahoosierfan

    Indiana @ Rutgers Game Thread 09/29 12:00PM BTN

    How about that awesome IU defense?
  15. Gahoosierfan

    Indiana @ Rutgers Game Thread 09/29 12:00PM BTN

    No pressure on the Rutgers QB.