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  1. Just curious...... So this thing with Beilein....... leaving my personal opinions out of it (ok maybe not, its stupid and blown out of proportion in this day and age that anything can be offensive to anyone but......) should it somehow cause him to be fired and knowing a new AD is coming in, in this hypothetical situation and should Beilein be available, should IU go after him regardless of our current situation. He wanted the job before, would he want it now as he would need to land somewhere trying to save face (again hypothetically if he were to be fired). Great coach at Michigan, good to great recruiter. He's not going back to Michigan. thoughts....
  2. Seriously, we score a touchdown but take a fn timeout instead, cmon!
  3. Sweet Let’s Goooooo Hoooooosierssssss!!!!!!!
  4. Seems like a terrible pairing here. A 10-3 team vs a 6-6 team and of course the 10-3 team is winning big as you would expect.
  5. Have they said anything about cutting away from this game or are we going to miss some of the game? I haven’t seen or heard anything since I started watching.
  6. Now this I agree with you on, lol!
  7. Anyone know why this Cincinnati vs Boston College is going so much over?
  8. It wasn’t Dakich that did this it was Fisch’s comments on his show that sparked it. I don’t care if you like Dakich or not, but at least don’t blame him for things that weren’t his doing.
  9. I could be wrong but I thought Fisch mentioned Whop as if he was hoping for a big game from him, which leads me to believe its not him. However, Fisch did not make any mention of Ramsey the whole interview which seemed weird. The only other thing is that he did mention the he hoped for great things from our OC tonight in his last game with the Hoosiers and I can't imagine him being that positive on that front if the injury was to our QB? So I am a little conflicted on this as of now but it was really odd that he didn't even mention him at all!
  10. Fisch just stated on Dakich that we maybe a little short handed tonight. He wouldn't elaborate but stated that Coach Allen should be announcing it before the start of the game. Anyone know what he is referring to? Hopefully its not our QB?
  11. CrossboneIU22

    2019 Off-Season IU Roster News and Moves

    The season is finally upon us. Lets go Hoosiers. Mods, feel free to lock this bad boy up if you want.
  12. Tell them the game is at Purdue this year due to construction. They'll be too consumed revenge from last year that they might actually buy and and show up in West Lafayette.
  13. CrossboneIU22

    Fantasy Baseball

    Congrats Natty. I can't complain too much 2nd place, 1st place, 2nd place the last three years for me. My team just let me down this last and final week of the season!
  14. CrossboneIU22

    Btownbanners Fantasy Football League

    Any luck finding 1 more?