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  1. Would Rick Calloway be a better comparison?
  2. To be fair, neither has Archie.
  3. SHOCKER? Is Wichita St. after Romeo, now?
  4. muckraker

    (2018) G/F Damezi Anderson to IU

    Hopefully, we can get to the point where our freshmen won't HAVE to be major contributors immediately...
  5. muckraker

    Cutting the Cord

    I've used both the fire stick and the fire TV. The fire TV is faster, but both work.
  6. muckraker

    (2018) PF Jake Forrester to IU

    I agree. One advantage he has is that he has spent a lot of time being a role player, so he might be able to adapt quicker when he gets to IU.
  7. muckraker

    Cutting the Cord

    Sometimes, but that's because I live out in the sticks and have slow internet. I've tried Playstation Vue and Sling Tv, and both were good. The main difference between the major services is what networks are available. There are some good online sites that compare the different offerings.
  8. muckraker

    Cutting the Cord

    That's what I am using at the moment. I like the dvr function, since most of the games are during my work hours.
  9. muckraker

    MSU....Heat on Izzo?

    If the NCAA decides to play hard ball with this, Cleveland State better start stocking up on K-Y Jelly immediately.
  10. muckraker

    College Bball Thread

    i hope you intended to be sarcastic,but in case you were serious, reaching out with an arm can be done for a number of reasons, most of which are legitimate parts of the game. tripping, or kicking an opposing player in the nuts are done solely with the intent to cause physical harm.Pretty simple concept...for most of us, anyway.
  11. muckraker

    College Bball Thread

    Gotta make room for more 5 stars...
  12. muckraker


    Good to see DD done with surgery & smiling. Now I want to see pics of him in a XXXL power chair practicing free throws.
  13. muckraker

    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    That was kind of like "the un-wat shot."
  14. I have insider info, that Romeo is not going to announce until this thread reaches 350 pages.