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  1. Dankomite


    Haha. Maybe to you and just a few others! Thanks for noticing. Yeah, I don't get a chance to get on the board much. Occasionally browse when I get a chance. Got married a couple months ago and primarily trying to stake my territory and watch as much iu and sports as possible. Not an easy task so far! Lol.
  2. Dankomite


    That's my brother's exact both date, year and all. Weird.
  3. This is my first post probably in a month or two. I'm just over the ridiculousness with this team, which has done nothing but suck. I'm sure Crean is as frustrated as anyone, but he can go whenever and I won't cry about it. I feel sorry for him, his players don't care that they're costing him HIS JOB! And, for the Troys, Stans, Holts, Davis', Yogis on the team you haven't accomplished ANYTHING. Your teams are going down with those of the Mike Davis era, or maybe Sampson. Welcome to being associated with Bracey Wright and JeMarcus Ellis. Bracey may have shot too much, but at least the guy didn't embarrass us off the court. I am confident 99% of IU fans would be thrilled with more Watfords, Hulls, Creeks, etc. Bring back the walk-ons from the baseball team who give a crap about wearing the candy stripes. That new passing of the candy stripes "tradition" should be banned from midnight madness until kids actually earn them.
  4. Dankomite

    Crossroads Classic Extended Through 2019

    When I saw this "classic" was extended, my first thought was I can't wait to read BGleas' thoughts on it.  I basically agree with all of his thoughts on this subject.  Our classic is nice/cute, but we should try to be in a popular, national event.  If it's an either/or situation, then we should not continue to be in this lose/lose classic.  If we can do both, fine.
  5. Dankomite

    And now it's time for.....

    I'm glad I clicked "Open" and not "Save".  Now I just need to reassess why I clicked the link at all in the first place!
  6. Dankomite

    NBA Draft: Noah Vonleh

    I'm mentioning EJ simply for the fact that he was only around for 1 year, and when players are 1-and-done many fans don't feel like they've had time to build an affinity for that player.  His team also wasn't too successul, and although that definitely doesn't all fall on his shoulders, it doesn't leave as many warm & fuzzy feelings.   If it weren't for these rumors we're hearing about Noah after the fact, I'd consider EJ and Noah on the same level (great talents and great representatives of the University, but just a general feeling of "incomplete").
  7. Dankomite

    NBA Draft: Noah Vonleh

    "Star" players associated with underachieving teams (Bracey Wright, Eric Gordon, Noah Vonleh), that choose to leave early before helping turn the team around, aren't doing themselves any favors if they want to be remembered as IU greats.   I'll semi-follow his career like I do with Gordon (much less than Cody/Vic), but this whole badmouthing Crean & the program thing could almost make me reconsider that...  
  8. Dankomite

    Kj's replacement

    Brunson seems to be a great choice.... But, I truly think he could get a position on an NBA staff... Have we heard he'd want to take a low college assistant job? That seems hard to believe, unless the main reason would be to coach his son. But, Brunson seems like a guy who would let his kid go wherever he wants for college. I'd love the move, but I do not see it happening.
  9. Dankomite

    Rick Adelman to Retire: Izzo to MIN?

    Is Mark Montgomery still an assistant under Izzo?  If so, I think he'd be a leading candidate (a la Kevin Ollie).  I think Fife could also be a candidate.   And, I truly think Crean might be a candidate, and I think he definitely would be a candidate if things had gone a little better for IU the last 13 months.  I think Crean would listen, too.  He'd be stupid not to given they have been a better program for the last 20 years and the way many of our fans feel about him.  I, personally, wouldn't want to face Crean at MSU.
  10. Dankomite

    JBjr's shooting comparison

    I haven't really seen him more than anyone else, but I'll still pass along my uninformed thoughts. I think they'd all be equal in a game of HORSE, but I think what separates JBJr is his ability to not just hit a standstill jumper like Hulls and Roth. I think he will have a wicked mid-range game off the dribble and also be able to take it to the hole. When I've watched him, he really minded me of a pre-injury Creek.
  11. Dankomite

    Jakeenan Gant off the board

    Crean always said he had a Plan A, B, C, etc.  If Gant comes here, Crean can calmly sit back knowing it was his Plan Q all along....
  12. "Next week I will be making my decision on how long to delay my decision."
  13. Dankomite

    Foreign trip this year?

    I traveled to the Bahamas to watch the prior trip...  There's nothing like getting extremely excited about a team in the pre, pre-season to later be shockingly disappointed.   If they don't go somewhere sucky this year, hopefully I can follow them again.  If the quality of the opponents is similar to what I saw in the Bahamas, though, Hanner will probably average a quadruple double.
  14. I hope we get him... And I hope he doesn't turn into Brandon McGee II. IU obviously hasn't had the best results with Chicago players in recent memory. I'd love for him to change that and start a new era of guys like Isiah, Quinn Buckner, Darryl Thomas, etc.
  15. Dankomite

    Steve Alford doing great in first year at UCLA

    Ucla has a ton of talent. I actually think they're a sleeper for the Final Four. I'm not impressed, though... No different than Bruce Weber with Head, Brown and Williams. Give him time.