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  1. The #LAKings are in a rough stretch where they've lost 5 in a row but have outplayed the opposition for long stretc… https://t.co/uuF8zAsxVu

  2. Kyle Stephens showed incredible bravery as she gave a harrowing account of abuse at the hands of Larry Nassar. https://t.co/ebDvoXsSyN

  3. We're live breaking down this weekend's crazy NFL action! Come join! https://t.co/b1vj7z30ac

  4. Rob Gronkowski has a message for you: Stop. Eating. Laundry. PODs. https://t.co/v3oMB09p6y

  5. Gregg Popovich didn't hold back when going after LaVar Ball. https://t.co/Lpf9zJrvAo

  6. Make your free throws. #iubb

  7. @ScottAgness Watched the whole game just for that.

  8. RT @minakimes: actually, the y comes after (bc the y receiver runs a banana-shaped route). lmk if you need me to explain anything else to y…

  9. Psyched about the #BOMBCYLONE? @KyleKoster was broadcasting from it this afternoon. https://t.co/AArnVMrnO4

  10. @eamonnbrennan This season is drunk.

  11. @gouxforever Tyson didn’t call all red zone plays but other than that this is true. That said, all head coaches ove… https://t.co/xl5TCfj3dn

  12. @OriginalRichSC @mmckillop There are a lot of little things he badly needs to clean up. Which is why I think he needs to come back.

  13. RT @mikelikessports: They let an unpaid college kid play four games on a torn ACL. That is nauseatingly irresponsible. https://t.co/Xg82LO3…

  14. RT @ShotgunSpr: Uchenna Nwosu said he told John Houston Jr. to cover him on the Pac-12 championship fourth down stop because he recognized…

  15. Jimmy G., still undefeated as a starting quarterback.