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  1. RT @FOXSportsSD: Estadio de Béisbol is almost ready! Dodgers vs. @Padres in Monterrey, Mexico tomorrow at 5:30 PM on FSSD and FSGO. ⚾️????????…

  2. RT @MartyCaswell: Darren Balsley joined @DSmithShow on why he's seeing improvement from Bryan Mitchell & a much better outing for Eric Laue…

  3. Donovan Mitchell is a fascinating kid. Here are 5 things to know about the Utah Jazz star https://t.co/naJkSPgpnG

  4. @Grayo760 @AntonioGates85 Good call totally forgot about him.

  5. Michael Bradley's PK attempt just now was actually a pretty good illustration of the #USMNT's World Cup qualifying efforts...

  6. Carmelo Anthony isn't just an inefficient player, the numbers say he's actually a bad one. So, he's done, right? https://t.co/6OJA9LOTqu

  7. With that home run, Christian Villanueva currently has the highest OPS in Major League Baseball at 1.191.

  8. Nope. Nothing. Nothing at all. https://t.co/gZS5sGnc1c

  9. @bigbegle @rpwyman Before the move and his turncoat act, he was beloved in SD.

  10. @DieselDugong https://t.co/zJma4OK5Ta

  11. I can't stand him, so I'll just call it a dirty hit. https://t.co/KU0FyY4AKf

  12. Great time sitting in with the @DSmithShow crew on @Mighty1090. Give it a listen. https://t.co/lKd3d333G5

  13. RT @dianphillips: The Diva/Queen Event is back. Registration is open. https://t.co/KgeGL0jZV1

  14. @AssemblyCall There is only one correct answer... https://t.co/MUuSHtevDv

  15. @Turano007 Maybe true. But if Khabib has to go past two rounds and sticks to stand up, someone will catch him. His… https://t.co/RSVInBDvty