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  1. And the hot girls are never, ever with the creepy desperate dude. Maybe that didn’t make up Dawson’s mind, but I have trouble believing that stuff going on didn’t play a part in his decision and I said as much at the time. Wonder if that ever caught Archie’s attention...I’m guessing it did.
  2. Agree. Not really sure what’s stopping some insanely stupid fans from going on the road and earning their team a couple free throws and possession at the end of a close game. Boohoo, I can never go to Ohio State’s empty cave of an arena again? That’s too bad.
  3. This is an important point. The stuff going on around the Garcia recruitment from extremely loud (and popular) voices in this fanbase was flat out weird. It was all positive, but it would have made me uncomfortable as a recruit. If that makes me soft, so be it, but that shizz was weird, man.
  4. Hovadipo

    Joey Brunk Appreciation Thread

    Absolutely. I’ll proudly wear my “I talked ish about Brunk way before he deserved it” shirt.
  5. Somehow...I have no idea where the time went.
  6. Hadn’t won at MSU since ‘91 before that, it appears.
  7. Yep. I get the criticism, but he’ll win us another game or two this year and wins aren’t easy to come by in our piranha tank of a conference.
  8. It’s not. Beat them in game 2 in 11-12 and both games in 12-13.
  9. Hoping Tom is using this timeout to instruct his young men not to diddle unwilling co-eds!
  10. Cash money. Hey guys? We’re pretty decent!
  11. Big throws here for the youngblood.
  12. Can’t let Cassius answer with one here. Stop and a score and MSU is in *trubl*