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  1. Hovadipo

    What was your first/earliest memory of...

    My first vivid memory is watching the 02 title game on an insanely small TV with my mom. I think it was because it was our only TV that could pick up local stations.
  2. You lie! We’re all God’s children.
  3. Assuming it’s brother of the kid with the same last name they had?
  4. Hovadipo

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    They’re both tough, but imagine how tough they’d be if they were from the DMZ!
  5. Hovadipo

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Something we can all agree on. COVID-19 absolutely sucks.
  6. Hovadipo

    College Bball Thread

    Your takes on this are exceptionally ridiculous. If it was that big of a waste of time, no one would have agreed to the rule. It’s professional development learning from the best in the world AT WORST. Who wouldn’t do that if given the opportunity? Are you saying that if you had the opportunity to get feedback from Gordon Ramsay - even though you may never work in a 5-star kitchen - you wouldn’t do it?
  7. Hovadipo

    (2021) PF Trey Kaufman

    Let me live. Hoping that post earned me the 3rd Hoosier Hysterics hosting position.
  8. Hovadipo

    (2021) PF Trey Kaufman

    Want him bad. Real bad. I watched him play live (stream) once and I was hooked. Don’t break my heart, Trey. I stopped following recruiting because of kids like you that I loved so much that broke my heart. Don’t break my heart. I love you. I’m always thinking about you. Be good to me. Come home. Just...come home.
  9. Hovadipo

    College Bball Thread

    I think I read that he was an Anthony Davis-type that grew really fast really late in high school.
  10. Hovadipo

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Will anyone, legit prospect/not quite ready prospect/never will be a prospect, even have the chance to get feedback this year? I don’t see anyone being brought in for workouts with the virus going on. I guess they could get it from just watching film, but anyone could do that.
  11. Do coaches get to say no thanks to a senior if this stupid, godforsaken exception is made? Because I’m guessing there’s a lot of coaches with a lot of butt cheeks seniors that are banking on not having bad players/influences on their team in 20-21. This would somehow be worse than the charge rule in its current state. This would be worse than stepping in a puddle while wearing socks without shoes. This would be worse than catching an STD from Isaac Haas.
  12. The loudest of nays. Completely absurd, “everyone gets a trophy” BS.
  13. Hovadipo

    Early BIG Projections (2020-21)

    Ayo Dosunmu returning is this Illinois-hating Indiana fan’s absolute worst nightmare.
  14. Hovadipo

    Archie and Progress

    “I look at basketball on a *~~deeper~~* level, man. I’d rather win 6 games playing basketball that my more informed view on *THE GAME* sees as good than win more games season by season.”
  15. Hovadipo

    A Transfer Coming?

    If the NCAA’s planned meetings regarding it next month still happen, it will most likely pass.