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  1. RT @PatMcAfeeShow: “Dey were rusty.. had da bye.. relaxin arahnd tahn all week... Big Ben’s back and loose as the sahth side arahnd 2am.. W…

  2. RT @Pacers: Victor Oladipo #NBAVOTE ⭐️ 1 RT = 1 vote ⭐️ https://t.co/IdFsTOUoZC

  3. Why the **** does this guy have a job? https://t.co/Fkvu6WVtog

  4. RT @Sam_Vecenie: Also, Richard Pitino’s “I don’t know, I’m just a basketball coach” after talking about how involved he gets in background…

  5. Legit think that a majority of the football world are balls deep in this patriots drama

  6. What a day, the Bengals give Lewis another shot he doesn't deserve and my favorite player retires

  7. @MBarn4 Lmao, want me to @ her for confirmation?

  8. RT @ChipsMahoy: I'm ready for a vacation.

  9. RT @Pacers: ⭐️ Victor Oladipo #NBAVOTE ⭐️ RT to vote for Vic! https://t.co/hkMafki7UZ https://t.co/XEGs5C2dIa

  10. RT @ShaunLatham: Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you’re all enjoying your day:) https://t.co/jQRPWhnuS1

  11. RT @ShaunLatham: Tonight! Episode 21! #20DollarChef. #TheBigHomiesOrangeChicken https://t.co/TPYmJSr3K5

  12. RT @tsnmike: Indiana hired Archie Miller to perform a rebuild with the Hoosiers, not a miracle https://t.co/BMBUVYdNHa

  13. RT @SethDavisHoops: Alright you smelly trolls you may now go back to your bridges. Happy as always to fill your bellies. Tweet ya next Sund…

  14. Let the big dog eat

  15. RT @NOTSportsCenter: Aaron Rodgers has been medically cleared to return to play https://t.co/akfaggI3Jc