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  1. MemphisHoosier

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    If Penix continues to produce, I'm not sure we get four years with him...good problem to have.
  2. MemphisHoosier

    Alante Brown (WR) 2020

    Would love to see get this commitment, who do you see as our main competition here?
  3. MemphisHoosier

    Hunter Cleared

    After a year away from competitive action, I am not sure where he stands - but he would be perfect starting at the 3 if he can handle the minutes.
  4. Yep, imagine if the Bucknuts had a real quarterback...
  5. MemphisHoosier

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    If we comp our current 24/7 'class score' (54.32) vs. the 2019 end of year scores we would have finished 34th nationally, 4th in the B1G. Going back a bit further we would have had the 38th ranked class nationally, 8th in the B1G in '18.
  6. MemphisHoosier

    (2020) SF Jordan Geronimo to Indiana

    Do we have any intel on the visit? Any idea who his player sponsor was? I am sure 'it was amazing' and 'the coaching staff said I could come in and really get better.'
  7. MemphisHoosier

    (2020) SF - Jalen Bridges

    You're probably right, but it seems that CAM is prioritizing another Wing/Big Wing (Cross, Geronimo, Bridges), potentially a Ball Handler (Love, Davis, Diarra) and a Big (Garcia, Loveday) in addition to Trey & Anthony. I am not saying we will take five, but based off of staff's focus you can certainly see a reasonable path forward.
  8. MemphisHoosier

    (2020) SF - Jalen Bridges

  9. MemphisHoosier

    Ed Schilling Leaving, Mike Roberts Arriving

    ...if only we had a Dan Dakich thread...