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  1. Headed to try John's of Bleeker Street. Lyft driver trying to tell me Poppa John's is best pizza in the City @stoolpresidente

  2. Love these things https://t.co/wlnrMIBGd8

  3. @ReaganBattalion Talking to some buddies stationed there... unreal

  4. Ouch https://t.co/7a3huhsbIY

  5. RT @kylerrobbins: oh my god https://t.co/S8ssARm15c

  6. RT @LFCOffside: I was beat, incomplete, I’d been had By Coutinho, but you made me feel Yeah you made me feel shiny and new Like a Virgil, b…

  7. Solid take https://t.co/YtD5WvImRB

  8. @WDWNT Have you heard of any other specific cuts other than comparing the concept art? On the Xmas special they tal… https://t.co/d7I9xa4Vy6

  9. RT @Colts: We have parted ways with Head Coach Chuck Pagano: https://t.co/E2GTrPaicI https://t.co/JRyLOuBbKH

  10. RT @BarstoolBigCat: Updated Bowl Wins B1G - 4 MAC -1 . . . . . . . . . . . . SEC - Still Zero ????????????????????????????????????

  11. Uh oh https://t.co/0GsuinVsUa

  12. This is a great thread https://t.co/YDEkvla6PC

  13. RT @kylebandujo: Being a parent on Christmas is a top-five thing about being a parent https://t.co/aRSq1FuwdU

  14. @ComfortablySmug How do you take your bourbon?

  15. RT @charlescwcooke: Absolutely correct. https://t.co/lnBGoZ3q2Z