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  1. @Android73 No idea. Maybe his offensive rebound per minute numbers broke the database. :-)

  2. Incredible photo. https://t.co/vMZpuQf603

  3. ICYMI: Learn the story behind this 1945 IU-Purdue Basketball Program (The Story of Harry Good... @IUArtifacts… https://t.co/4KRuGsXThC

  4. The apps (free) give you access to the audio versions all new episodes of The Assembly Call. Let me know what you think.

  5. Assembly Call Radio is live right now on @Sports1430AM in Indy. Live stream: https://t.co/qDQql7bA4H #iubb

  6. @RyanAMadden Oh damnit. I forgot that I edited the template. Thanks.

  7. @MargolisNews We might to get this show it's own site.

  8. Assembly Call Radio is live right now on @Sports1430AM in Indy. Live stream: https://t.co/4QpqBmmYD6 #iubb

  9. @Hockey_038 A redshirt *does* count as a scholarship.

  10. Really interesting comments on the differences between Crean and Archie, plus a bunch of other insight. #iubb https://t.co/Bfdi8TjZ9I

  11. @Kaigek111 @aldurham01 @IndianaMBB @RumorsandRants @KentSterling Awesome! How was the game?

  12. @Gerb3X @RumorsandRants @insidethehall Yep, that made me feel better too. I've learned to just be patient in those… https://t.co/dZJVumJy6e

  13. Thank you, Coach Miller https://t.co/HxDfN4iuR0

  14. If you're interested in the Bill Garrett story, you'll definitely want to make time for the @MargolisNews podcast I just tweeted. #iubb

  15. BTW, thanks to everyone who submitted questions for the Al Durham interview. I used a bunch of them. https://t.co/Hkb2ZWbGZz

  16. Good to hear. https://t.co/WuPzaBXBJ3

  17. I am so happy for Yogi and Troy. Those two matured so much during their 7 combined years at IU. Both now succeeding in the NBA. #iubb

  18. Going to overtime ... https://t.co/1PW0Lj30GZ

  19. @lynletsing he did reach out. Crean chose not to meet with him.

  20. @nickpaflas I have had my fill. :)

  21. Want to learn about the new #iubb coach, Archie Miller? This podcast w/ @EvanDaniels is a must-listen: https://t.co/vcUhAaTlMt

  22. AssemblyCall

    Join the Official BtownBanners Bracket Challenge!

    I'm in! Go Big Ten. Anyone else have all Big Ten teams winning their first round games?
  23. Seeing this get posted in a lot of the IU forums, which is great. Love having your perspective, especially on Coach Crean. He's not perfect, of course, but it should mean something when the mother of a player is so publicly in support of him.