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  1. Will_Padgman

    IU Men's Soccer vs Xavier - NCAA Rd 2

    Big ups to JGray for getting it on the air. This should be a great opener for the team. As long as they put the ball in the net, their defense should be able to ensure advancement
  2. Will_Padgman

    Assembly Hall I-Lounge

    First rule of I-lounge...you finish the rest
  3. Will_Padgman

    BTownBanners Football Tailgate

    I should be coming. Just a matter of asking off work
  4. Will_Padgman

    BTownBanners Football Tailgate

    Ill do what I can to make it
  5. Will_Padgman

    Wilson on the hot seat according to an idiot

    Nobody is looking at KW as being on the hot seat. Just trying to stir up rabble in B1G country
  6. Will_Padgman

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

      Like CCG said, JK is optimistic about his return. I wouldn't expect to see him on Tuesday unless he really starts to train. Running around the pitch is one thing, but making cuts and playing on/off the ball are crucial to have an impact. 
  7. Will_Padgman

    Peter Jurkin leaves Indiana

    It's official (kinda): Osterman says his old AAU coach told him that he has left the program   Edit: Albers now has confirmed the same thing
  8. Just scrolling through Twitter, when HMP tweets out an Instagram photo saying goodbye to PJ. Anyone have anything to confirm what this is? Is he leaving for summer, or leaving for good?   Here is a link to the Instagram post: http://instagram.com/p/pzLROtQHxW/
  9. Will_Padgman

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

    Newest update: a Belgian right-back is ruled out for the rest of the Cup after breaking his ankle. Not the biggest loss, but its leaving our opponents grasping for straws on defense, which really works in our favor.
  10. Will_Padgman

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

    Everything I've heard today says Jones is fine to play barring something coming up in training.    Also, that Kompany might not be fit to play as he is struggling with a groin injury... Would be huge for the US if he didn't see the pitch
  11. Will_Padgman

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

    Going into this, I knew Spain wouldn't be as they were, but still, this is borderline embarrassing....
  12. Will_Padgman

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

    Seriously, who else is watching this Netherlands-Australia match? Absolutely insane, and perfectly on par for what this whole event has been so far.
  13. Will_Padgman

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

          Yes, yes, so I spaced about a game. Forgive the young gun. :P
  14. Will_Padgman

    #USMNT - 2014 World Cup

    Well, Belgium just escaped what could have been a very embarrassing defeat to Algeria.   First round complete. Plenty of drama and excitement. Bring on the second round. Can't wait to see what's in store. 
  15. Will_Padgman

    Chat Room Discussion Tonight

      Haha, you can say that again