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  1. Iu 76. Nebraska 66. Hoping for an IU team that has new effort in every game
  2. wirenuts

    Bracketology and Team Resumes

    Team A? Not sure honestly. They all look really close
  3. Hopefully this is the game that turns the corner as IU, comes out pissed off. IU 75 OHIO ST. 68
  4. Not going into further discussion on this one either
  5. You forgot about the part where Chris is actually a tanning bed salesman. That is the most useful info on this whole thread, in my opinion
  6. Not going into further discussion on it.
  7. When was it pointed out that it was all of the fans....if you are referring to my post, it very clearly says some of the fans. Either way, I'm not here for a semantics discussion on it. If you believe that IU fans can and should spout off personal attacks on a Facebook page.... Then I'll just agree to disagree and call it a day
  8. And I'm not going to post a quote from either on either point, but its on their recruiting post on this board...im pretty sure it is on there. Yes, brass...fans may mean little to these kids and their decisions...that doesnt mean you should post all of the time about how they suck, their families suck, they are lazy, etc. It does not portray the program in a positive light with everything else that is going wrong with the program. Brass, you are a supervisor... Who would you rather have... An employee that is positive and tries to come up with the best solution on things or somebody that ******* about every little thing they are told to do?
  9. Technology can be a great thing if people use it correctly. It can be one of the worst things in the world also. It's one thing to be passionate, I totally get that...what is wrong for me is when some of the fans rip into these people that they dont even know and make it personal...call them lazy, entitled, etc. Louisville, kentucky, duke, North Carolina all have the same groups and are probably worse than iu fans ever thought about being. And no, it shouldn't affect recruiting, but in the past year....brooks dad and others around Brooks did allude to the fanbase online, and I'm pretty sure quinones did as well. And maybe we didn't need those recruits, maybe they aren't the right fit for our programs. Its not just fans I'm talking about, its people in general. We cant just post anything we want at any time. We are supposed to strive to be better than that.
  10. Of course not...im sure there are many other schools that have Facebook groups that completely thrash and destroy the players and coaches. Should the kids pay attention to it? Probably not. Is it an acceptable practice? I believe it is classless and shameful.
  11. It may not hurt in coaches hiring but I cant see how it hasnt affected recruiting. Granted, the Facebook groups are filled with not so wonderful IU fans but I guarantee that the players and coaches have at least some idea of some of the ridiculous stuff that is put online. There is at least one group that has players parents on it and maybe even more than that.
  12. Does that mean you are a diet coke distributor?