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  1. RT @bbcthree: just saying ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ https://t.co/1zoOGFKeU3

  2. @mikeaxisa Aaaaaand cue Trevor Bauer response in 3...2...

  3. RT @Yankees: Historically powerful. https://t.co/WEBdZxrsTJ

  4. RT @TheDweck: Maybe if we post enough GIFs, NBC will bring back Obama

  5. RT @MLBONFOX: Best record in baseball. 1st place in the AL East. Cant stop the Yankees. https://t.co/HhzBZuz88N

  6. @y2jkbounce @brianwperry @sung_minkim @tehfro George Takei played for the Yanks? (I'll see myself out...)

  7. @tbc5150 @MLS @PROreferees No excuse for that, even in a 4-0 blowout.

  8. @GioWFAN Only after signing up for the Clemens training plan

  9. @MySportsUpdate It feels like a list where someone forgot to sort by greatness.

  10. Here's how I know Barkley is destined for greatness: he corrected his phone issues 5 seconds after @Rosenbergradio… https://t.co/rc2lTtm1nO

  11. @BackAftaThis hopefully he has a better grasp on the latest technology developments related to sports than he did b… https://t.co/HBqAD0jZAy

  12. oh man @RealMichaelKay I wish I could get through right now. @DonLagreca needs to come off the ledge with this tak… https://t.co/WWIer4zvZ7

  13. @BrandonTierney I really want Barkley, but if the Browns don't take Darnold... that might be too many QBs to leave on the board

  14. @Yankees @TheJudge44 @DidiG18 What a "gregious" dance!

  15. RT @JackCurryYES: Gleyber Torres will wear number 25 with the Yankees. That number has been worn by the likes of Mark Teixeira, Jason Giamb…