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  1. This is exactly the reason why I don't understand how any #Mets fan can complain about the Vargas signing. https://t.co/WZF3KqfdnS

  2. @MetsOfficials The only way Cashner comes off the waiver wire is if @tedfranx is just adding/dropping/adding/droppi… https://t.co/8BrUeYJex7

  3. @ellesep Boy if that doesn't like something straight outta #NoisesOff

  4. My week on Twitter ????: 2 Mentions, 15 Likes, 2 Replies. See yours with https://t.co/MwbHMOBjt5 https://t.co/LBH3HT3FCS

  5. #Cavs fans checking out the scoreboard at their next home game like... #TradeDeadline https://t.co/J4RNDR6eR4

  6. Every time my wife turns on that DIY show with the cowboy hat wearing surfer-sounding house flipper, I can't help t… https://t.co/oTwGgQGUWr

  7. RT @HKruskic: *Sees Hank Aaron trending. Finds out it’s his birthday* https://t.co/132MOYZrFc

  8. Prediction: 12-9 Patriots. This deserves to be the most boring #SuperBowl ever.

  9. @freep RELATED: Cleveland Browns must trade Kizer for Brady, even swap. ALSO BREAKING: 30 more examples.

  10. @Rosenbergradio Is that the guy who loves moonshine from Big Daddy? https://t.co/dc1NBSCWgF

  11. RT @daadvaims: Guys. Brad Stevens was upset with his arms crossed in front of a fan who was upset with his arms crossed in front of another…

  12. @nbcsnl Not an #SNL gif, but this is exactly how I'm feeling with less than an hour till the cold open!… https://t.co/LbCVk29YFv

  13. If @RealMichaelKay just had a problem with the toppings, then he's really not that far off-base. I bet he'd thoroug… https://t.co/BeT8DTJIsy

  14. @MySportsUpdate Ok Giants go get Landry and trade Odell for a haul of draft picks and an O-lineman

  15. @TMKSonYES Loved the rant about this last week! I purposely listened more closely to this commercial over the weeke… https://t.co/WvKceNdoy8