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  1. @dandakich with Romeo now committed does McRoberts get they remaining scholarship? What would you do if you was still HC?

  2. Mama there goes that man!

  3. @JMV1070 need to go old school. Name it Morris Plan fieldhouse

  4. @JimIrsay Reed, Spieth, Fowler

  5. @KyleNeddenriep @dandakich Here is what they should rename Bankers Life to. Morris Plan Fieldhouse https://t.co/PQkiS3qr78

  6. @peegs Kentucky fans should be worried. TC's teams have beaten KY on a regular basis.

  7. @DD1070 Who was the old tv sponsor of the pacer games in the 70's ABA days? Seems like it started with a P and the… https://t.co/4ZapYiuohL

  8. @KyleNeddenriep What location will it be at?

  9. @insidethehall @KyleNeddenriep @JeffRabjohns Just another High School Friday night in Indiana https://t.co/q6VDaTMwtS

  10. @1997Davis @insidethehall @isaiahtisdale15 I'm guessing that Romeo is not going to IU based on this visit.

  11. RT @JonnyStone11: This “head ripping prank” is the funniest thing you’ll see on the net today ???????????????????????????????????????? https://t.co/JhYVg5TwQ9

  12. @ESPNLunardi IF and that is a big If, INDIANA wins their last three games how many BIG tourney games would they need to win to get in dance?

  13. @ChronicHoosier "Pour Some Sugar On Me" Def Leppard

  14. @crimsonquarry So where does Jennings County fall at?

  15. RT @WorIdStarComedy: When the rest of the Saints see Marcus Williams in the locker room https://t.co/QD7gr1gu9F