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  1. Andowen1990IU


    I think "journalistic integrity" is just a veil for something else. What that is I have no idea. I have speculations, but I don't think that is very fair for me to conjure up scenarios that are probably wrong. The reason for this tin-foil hat theory is that I don't think he has done much in the past year (granted I don't listen to him often) that would warrant a week suspension. Most of the stuff you guys are citing are from months ago, so why would he be suspended now?
  2. Andowen1990IU

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    Just for comparison, $11.00 per credit hour in today's money is roughly $85.00 per credit hour. The current rate is $288 for in-state and $1,048 for out of state.
  3. Andowen1990IU

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    I can really see both sides to this, but I think we need to stop kidding ourselves that NCAA is amateurism. That is lollipop land. NCAA has official sponsorship/endorsements with AT&T, CapitalOne, Coca Cola, BWW, Buick, Geico, Google, Intel, Lowe's, Pizza Hut, Reeese's, Wendy's, and others. NCAA is using their profile (i.e. likeness) to get billions of dollars. I don't see a problem with a student setting up an instagram and selling some muscle-milk on the side for some extra cash. I don't think schools should pay the student directly, but I don't have an issue with them using their likeness to sell some stuff. Regarding everyone's concerns, if the NCAA would have adapted when it decided it wanted to transition to a billion dollar company and set up a system that was fair for everyone that addressed legitimate concerns, we wouldn't have states jumping in and forcing their hand. Now it looks like they will have a legal battle and eventually play catch-up instead of being at the forefront of this issue.
  4. Andowen1990IU

    Fire Fred Glass

    You are correct. The source I used only listed the regular season results. My mistake.
  5. Andowen1990IU

    Fire Fred Glass

    In football, IU has beaten Rutgers for the past three years. In IUBB, Rutgers did beat IU once last year and again in Crean's final season the year before.* However, IU won the last match up last year by 16 and are 6-2** against them since Rutgers joined the B1G. *And as @Uspshoosier pointed out again in 2018 in the B1G Tournament **6-3 including B1G Tournament games
  6. Update on my throwback Rose Bowl sweater. It arrived today. I believe this bodes well for our beloved Hoosiers come Saturday.
  7. Andowen1990IU

    Indiana Academics, etc

    While it certainly helps, I truly believe that where you go to school doesn't really indicate how intelligent you are or what opportunities you will have moving forward. Speaking strictly from the legal profession, I have worked with people that went to schools that were ranked lower than where I went that were fantastic attorneys and great legal minds. I have also worked with people that went to ivy leagues that had the same or similar job that I had and who didn't separate themselves from their peers like one might think. I do understand the optics of it though, but I am not really sure what any administration can do about it. Not saying something can't be done. I just don't know what can be done as it looks like IU is certainly spending money.
  8. Andowen1990IU

    (2020) PG - Andre Curbelo

    Am I wrong to think it will be difficult to get a PG Like Curbelo to commit to IU while RP is still here? Especially with the possibility of Lander committing the following season? Whoever commits is likely to be back up next year and if Lander commits will likely be pushed further down the depth chart. He certainly would be a welcomed addition, but I just don't see someone like him, who is clearly skilled enough to play and possibly start somewhere, wanting to commit to a situation where he will be down the depth chart for a few years.
  9. Andowen1990IU

    Fire Fred Glass

    I couldn't hear anybody over the sound of me opening up all these beer cans.* * - I realize this is a visual medium but it doesn't work as well that way.
  10. Just impulse bought a 68 Rose Bowl throwback. Wife may get mad, but assuming that we make it this year it will all be worth it.
  11. Andowen1990IU

    Start With Why

    Aside from my 7:30 meeting, my calendar is surprisingly empty for today. Next couple months look to be busy though!
  12. Andowen1990IU

    Start With Why

  13. Andowen1990IU

    Start With Why

    It wasn't directed towards you. It is directed at OF who seems so bent out of shape about people not liking an objectively polarizing person so much that he posts a audio clip from January 2015 (five years, not three years ago) to try and change people's minds about what they see the way the guy acts today. Especially, when I think everyone said that they liked him back then and they don't like him since he has changed his "image" since then. Sorry. I can see why it seemed like it was directed towards you.
  14. Andowen1990IU

    Fire Fred Glass

    Hey, but at least we saved the tax payers a dollar a paycheck!
  15. Andowen1990IU

    Start With Why

    I am 28. I am just making sure if millennials are still supposed to be the thin skinned ones?