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  1. Andowen1990IU

    College Bball Thread

    At what point should teams stop being rewarded for having a tougher SOS if they are losing against tougher opponents? At the end of the day, IU has beaten everyone besides a bad showing AT Madison. There are teams that are ranked that have far worse loses than that. Look at Virginia. Who the hell have they beaten that warrants them to be ranked where they are? They have loses to Purdue (at Mackey, but Purdue doesn't look very good) and South Carolina (AT HOME). There only "good" wins are against a historically bad Syracuse and North Carolina.
  2. Andowen1990IU

    IU vs Notre Dame 12/21 Noon ESPN

    It was. I think it was because Thanksgiving was a week later than it normally is.
  3. Andowen1990IU

    Fred Glass Retiring

    What a ridiculously stupid thing to say
  4. Andowen1990IU

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Anybody else think it is weird to have a current student athlete on the committee?
  5. Andowen1990IU

    College Bball Thread

    Liberty has only beaten one P5 school (Vanderbilt) and they are in the top 20 in the NET.
  6. Andowen1990IU

    College Bball Thread

    https://extra.ncaa.org/solutions/rpi/Stats Library/NET Nitty Gritty - Dec. 15, 2019.pdf Net just released. B1G: OSU at 1 Marlyand at 11 Penn St. at 18 Michigan at 21 Michigan St. at 29 Illinois at 32 Iowa at 33 IU at 36 Purdue at 44 Minnesota at 48 Wisconsin at 51 Rutgers 61 Nebraska at 153 Northwestern at 174
  7. Andowen1990IU

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Fred Glass to retire at the end of the academic year. McRobbie will pick his successor.
  8. First, last night was ugly but it was a physical game. All year (aside from Wisconsin) we have been the more physical team and won. That is our identity. Some nights will look better than others, but when we are the aggressor physically, we set ourselves up for success. Second, a 21 or 22 year old and a 19 year old are not too far off. It is a pedantic argument and doesn't change the principle of what I said, especially since the same idea applies to professional teams. If you are going to let the outcome of a NFL or NBA game affect you that much, that is great and all, but I think it is silly. I say this as a dumb 29 year old. Third, you can criticize a team and not let it ruin your day. I don't really care about the criticism but I think people on here lack perspective (and value their own opinions over others and the experts) and it shows in their criticism and comments.
  9. @Stromboli as always is a person of great wisdom. I was listening to Ken Beikoff this morning and he was saying how Indiana doesn't have an identity. I think our identity is that we are a hard nosed team who thrives off contact. I think we are still missing a few pieces to compliment this style of play, but this is one of the toughest teams I have seen from IU in a while. They are not pretty, but they aren't lazy and avoid contact (aside from Saturday), which I like. I think they are their best when they start off throwing the punches and you saw that last night. There are some finesse issues that need to be ironed out, which means this team can be ugly at times, but hopefully Rob will help address some of those problems. All in all, I think we are projecting the right direction. I was frankly shocked when Dicky V and the other guy said they didn't know if either team was a tournament team. The field is completely wide open and frankly IU has more good wins and less losses than other teams people have higher up than us. We played a weaker schedule, but we have beat two good teams and have only lost to one decient team at a place we haven't won at in over twenty years. We still have a lot of season left, but I feel more comfortable than I did this time last year. I can't believe people get this bent out of shape about a bunch of teenagers playing a game. I am fan and I want IU (and my other teams) to win just like everyone else, but dear lord don't let it ruin your day if they don't. Life is full of other enriching things.
  10. Andowen1990IU

    Fred Glass Retiring

    Guys having a hard week after the holidays? Don't worry! Hanaka, Christmas and New Years are right around the bend!
  11. Happy to report that I was able to convince my friend and the tradition of drinking beer (Upland Wheat) and eating pizza (Divine Swine from Mother Bears) out of the trunk of a car (my wife's Scion) lived on last night. Sure it was cold, but it was well worth it. I don't want to say that the tradition assisted in the win, but I am pretty sure it did. Seriously though, the Hall was rocking and was a great environment. Greene was cheat code last night and Justin and TJD are proving that they are the pillars that this team is built on with their ability to get to the line, defense, and rebounding. Speaking of defense, Damezi showed why he will be an important piece for this team this year and moving forward. If he can get that quick trigger to hit more often, and if he continues playing with the intensity that he did last night, I can see great things from him moving forward. Franklin was so impressive for a freshman and I am excited to see him to continue to develop. Also, Al didn't have a great game scoring, but I thought he did a great job (along with the other guards) of breaking the lazy press and handling the ball pressure FSU threw at us.
  12. Andowen1990IU

    College Bball Thread

    I worked in the service industry for a number of years and would never expect someone to tip for a carryout order.
  13. Andowen1990IU

    College Bball Thread

    I always tell people that you aren't going to change anyone's mind over dinner. I imagine that is to the nth degree on IU message boards. I seemed to have neglected my own mantra and ate the trash.
  14. Andowen1990IU

    College Bball Thread

    What does this even mean? I realize none of this is going to change your mind on this (or apparently anything), but Hate speech is protected under the first amendment. That doesn't mean that it doesn't exist. That is why someone could be punished for calling someone a bigoted slur, but that doesn't mean that the police are going to throw you in jail for it. Which is what happened here.
  15. Andowen1990IU

    College Bball Thread

    So unless someone gets hurt, then people shouldn't be suspended? Based on what? Their actions reflected poorly not only on themselves, but their coach and the university "Have a talking" has no consequences and to me is soft. In my job (and I imagine most people's jobs), I could get fired for talking to someone like that and if I wasn't, my professional reputation could be tarnished. I think teaching young men that their actions and words have consequences will set them up for future success. I know some crowds are all about who cares about "feelings" but in the real world, words matter just as much as actions and we are all playing by the same rules. So the coach is having them sit a game to think about what happens when you act like a jerk to other people trying to do their job. I hope they learn from it.