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  1. Our seniors are our worst players, let that sink in
  2. How Newkirk is getting any minutes is beyond me
  3. vertroa

    Last names on jerseys?

    When you think of the tradition of Indiana basketball is names on jerseys the first thing you think of? Top 10? Top 20? My point of it's so insignificant, especially today where college basketball is an interview for the NBA.
  4. vertroa

    Last names on jerseys?

    We live in day of twitter and instagram, if you are concerned about names on jerseys you have lost touch with reality.
  5. Bryant has to be the most disappointing IU player in recent memory right?
  6. vertroa


    I wasn't on board until today, but I just bought my ticket.
  7. vertroa

    Northwestern, do we storm the court?

    I would like to see the students storm the court every game, win or lose, for the rest of the season. I think it would be pretty hilarious. 
  8. vertroa

    Official Indiana vs Wisconsin Game Thread

    Wow that is why people hate Crean right there
  9. This team is impossible to watch
  10.   This. Especially when the guy is essentially a rookie in terms of journalism/reporting. 
  11. vertroa

    Indiana vs. Syracuse Post-Game Thread

    Honestly I would put Will on the bench as a 6th man and get one of the freshmen more minutes. Will is more effective there and we are going to be playing for next year anyways.
  12. vertroa

    Indiana vs Evansville Game Thread!

    How not to end a half
  13. vertroa

    Indiana vs Evansville Game Thread!

    Crean sending a message, I like it
  14. vertroa

    Indiana vs UConn Post Game Thread

    Am I the only one who thinks Devin should get the start instead of JH? I think JH is more suited as a 6th man.