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  1. HoosierTrav

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    The uniform tops don’t match the bottoms. They made the borders on the shorts thicker and more pronounced then eliminated the bordering on the tops. Looks tacky and definitely doesn’t improve on what we’ve had. Probably not as big a deal as I’m making it out to be but it bothers me nonetheless.
  2. HoosierTrav

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    I get triggered every time I see these awful uniform tops. Shouldn’t be that damn hard to get this type of thing right.
  3. HoosierTrav

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    Don’t remember that honestly. Could be wrong. But I thought it was Kentucky that cooled when he slid down the rankings.
  4. HoosierTrav

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    I don’t remember that being the case at all. From everything I remember about that recruitment, it was that Crean and Kenny Johnson outworked Carolina.
  5. HoosierTrav

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    In his defense, he was certain back when Keion was indeed coming to IU. When the tables turned towards UK, he even came out and said that he has no reason to believe that IU will land Brooks. There is rumblings that Cole Anthony is announcing for UNC this week. Maybe this is what he’s talking about. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  6. HoosierTrav

    (2019) CG - Anthony Harris to North Carolina

    And Troy Williams. Damn near Theo Pinson as well.
  7. Deron got limited mins, Race wasn’t near ready to get big mins, Hunter missing, romeo playing with a bad shooting hand. Being the healthiest they’d been all season doesn’t really say much imo.
  8. HoosierTrav

    2019 April Evaluation Period

    How many times did Crean get back to back Indiana Mr. Basketball’s? Archie did it in year 1 and 2. Also, last years team was solidly in the tournament and probable contenders for a run if we didn’t go through one of the worst cases of roster inavailability that I’ve ever seen. I’m sure he could have done a little better but it’s hard to build consistency when you are constantly having to experiment with lineups. Completely different team with everyone healthy.
  9. HoosierTrav

    College Bball Thread

    I could care less if the B1G wins any ships. IU is the only conference team I want to win a championship.
  10. HoosierTrav

    College Bball Thread

    Maybe after his daughters are grown and out of Lubbock. He’s not gonna leave his kids for any other job.
  11. HoosierTrav

    College Bball Thread

    1.) Chris Beard is gonna build TTU into a consistent national power. He’s not leaving Lubbock. 2.) Tom Izzo losing again in the Final Four is incredibly satisfying.
  12. HoosierTrav

    Romeo Langford Declares For NBA Draft

    That 2013 team with Garry Harris is what gets me.
  13. HoosierTrav

    Jake Forrester transferring

    Wow. We had a kid on my HS team that never learned our base set through ALL 4 YEARS OF HS!!!! He got a TON of minutes. It’s either laziness or stupidity than can explain not knowing the offensive sets for that long. Crazy.
  14. HoosierTrav

    Romeo Langford Declares For NBA Draft

    Good for him and his family. He’s a special talent who, once his hand heals properly, will do very well in the NBA. He’s nearly impossible to stop from getting to the cup. That’s gonna get easier as there is way more spacing and he will be surrounded by plenty of shooters. Looking forward to following him and continuing to root him on. We should be thankful he chose to spend his one season in Bloomington.
  15. 2 win away from being the top coach of 2nd year coaches. Considering the injuries and losing streak, this gives me some needed optimism.