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  1. IUc2016

    IUBB vs Nebraska 12/13 8 pm BTN

    TJD and Justin should have big games. They are undersized inside and the only size they have lacks experience. Hopefully IU can feed the ball inside continuously and wear them down/force a bunch of fouls and get to the foul line. It is still a conference game and anything can happen. But it would be nice to see IU blow them out and not have to sweat it.
  2. Florida State win was ugly...? “Every game occurrence” Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  3. irony. You missed the point of the tweet that was shared so....
  4. "sometimes it's a win sometimes not." In other words, IU does not win every single game it plays. Good to know.
  5. IUc2016

    College Bball Thread

    Yes tiers play a role in losses. a Quad 1 loss is much different than a quad 4 loss. The old standards would call quad 3 and 4 losses as "bad losses".
  6. no no no. Season will be over if IU loses tonight. Shouldn't even play the other 21 games this season because they won't matter. And by 8 AM tomorrow everyone should be fired.
  7. IUc2016

    College Bball Thread

    He is thinking of holding out the rest of the season and applying for a redshirt. But one might think that if the NCAA sees he played in ten games and then just decided to redshirt it shows a bit of bad faith on his part. I will never try and assume what the NCAA is or isn't going to do though.
  8. IUc2016

    College Bball Thread

    The Jordan Bohannon situation is odd. Not sure I have really ever heard of a player doing what he is contemplating doing. Seems to be creating drama where there doesn't really need to be any. Either play and stick it out the whole season or decide to sit out at the start of the season and get your body right. Just my opinion though
  9. IUc2016

    Poll: Archie Miller

    Ah yes I remember that now. Justin is definitely playing better. But to say he has proven he can shoot threes and play on the wing is a bit of a stretch.
  10. IUc2016

    Poll: Archie Miller

    Sorry if I missed it. What is your opinion of Justin Smith and how has he proven you anything?
  11. Haven't had a good feeling about this one since I watched them play Florida. I feel like Joey will get eaten alive down low. Plus without Rob not sure we have anyone other than Devonte who can stay in front of Gilbert and Vital. Hope I am wrong because It is too early in the season to feel down on IU.
  12. IUc2016

    Poll: Archie Miller

    I am in the crowd that still has a lot of faith in Archie. I feel like he has the coaching ability and recruiting ability to keep us at the top of the BIG every year. However, he still has to prove that he can get it done on the court. To this point he has not. I totally understand the crowd that is already losing faith and are anxious. This is year three and to date there have been some embarrassing losses. We lost 12/13 at one point last year and it was nearly unbearable to watch any of those losses. The team still struggles shooting and it does not seem that will change any time soon. The defense continues to struggle when that is supposed to be the calling card. There are a lot of aspects of the program to question right now. However, it IS still too early to say he cannot get it done and is not the guy for the job. It is NOT too early to question whether he is or is not the guy. He will either prove it or he won't. To this point he has not proven it on the court, which deserves some questioning and criticism. Here's to hoping he is the guy and this can all be put to rest. Go Hoosiers.
  13. IUc2016

    Bowl Projection

    For someone who lives in Knoxville, this is a dream come true. Their season started by losing to Georgia State and it was comical. If it ends with them losing to Indiana, Knoxville may burn to the ground.
  14. I was glad to see Damezi play well and look like he was having fun out there. His defense is night and day from last year, I hope he can keep it up because it will keep him on the floor. This game shows why we need Rob back. Al cannot handle the rock against pressure, and he is forced to play out of position because of Rob's injury. Hope he comes back this weekend or next week.
  15. Yeah boiler is pretty tame. He doesn’t bother me and I enjoy when he posts here. Back and forth civil banter is always welcomed in my opinion. What happens on Gold and Black is disgusting. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners