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  1. NashvilleHoosier

    IUBB vs MSU Game Thread 1/23 8:30 FS1

    Great win. Happy to see so many things last night but just name a few...best game Race Thompson has ever played for us? Brunk....just keep getting after it buddy. We love you. And Durham finally playing like we know he can. Interesting resume scenario coming up here. I'm not looking past the Maryland game at all, but OSU is obviously in a free fall. They are currently still a quad 1 win, but we very well could go to Columbus where a win would simply replace a quad 1 win with another. (i.e. the road win would count as a quad 1 win, but simultaneously knock them far enough down the NET rankings to make our home win a quad 2 win). Especially since they follow us with road games at Michigan and Wisky. Not saying a win there hurts us, that will never be the case, just an interesting possible scenario. Okay enough of that. What a huge opportunity on Sunday now. IF....IF we pull it off, would we have the best overall resume in the conference? (I've done no research on this, I just can't think off the top of my head who else would have 4 quad 1 wins).
  2. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    Certain people on here will be mad if we win out, get a #1 seed and lose in the final four, b/c we didn't win it all. Even winning only 5 more home games and nothing else will be difficult. But a realistic goal going into this season was to make the tournament. I say 5 more wins b/c I believe that gets us to meeting that realistic goal. If it was a down year for the conference then 19-12, 9-11 probably doesn't get it done, I'd be saying maybe 7 more wins at this point. This season, 5 more wins almost surely does it. So whoever wants to be mad about only winning 5 more home games and still getting in the tournament....well that's fine. But I don't think they were operating with realistic goals in mind.
  3. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    Oh yeah if win at Michigan and hold serve at home....or if we win any other road game and hold serve at home we’ll be debating our seed not whether we are in. I’m so on board for this.
  4. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    This is a great point. I’ve been somewhat ignoring the neutral court wins. I see ND has made a jump in the NET as well...it’s not inconceivable they could end up a quad 1 win. But 3-3 right now could easily end up 3-9 away from home with only one true road win. I still think that’s a talking point in selection Sunday, provided we find 5 more home wins.
  5. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    No, the committee is not looking at it like that. They aren’t looking at bubble teams and saying well this team has lower quality wins but that’s fine because relative to them they’re actually pretty good wins. That’s literally why they have a ranking system in place. To rank quality of wins and overall resumes. It’s why they look at blind resumes as well.
  6. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    I agree that they will care. Doesn’t matter who it was against I think just getting the win was the most important part. Without it we could have won 6 more home games and had a resume good enough to be in with zero road wins. Now we just have to worry about the committee debating whether a team with one single road win is worthy. But that’s a lot better than debating whether a team with zero road wins is worthy.
  7. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    We may not. I’m not yet convinced we will. We need to find 5 more wins at least in my opinion to be comfortable. That would have to include some quad 1 wins. We are safely in the field now. Huge opportunity to pick up 2 quad 1 wins this week. Any one loss, even a couple in a row won’t be bad enough to move us out, maybe just a seed line. My point was that We’re sitting okay right now and yesterday’s results only helped.
  8. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    We did. No FGs in the last 10 minutes of the first half I believe. Some free throws saved us.
  9. Lol. Big time revelation there. Such a bold and revealing statement. Former players probably had a big meeting recently and collectively surmised that we aren’t where we want to be. Likely a joint statement to be released soon. Though maybe they’ll wait to see if we are still projected to be in the tourney field after a solid road win and right before a huge resume opportunity week before releasing it. Glad to have absorbed such incredible insight.
  10. NashvilleHoosier

    IU at Nebraska Game Thread 1/18 7 PM BTN

    Solid day for the resume. Not that we will move any projected seed lines or anything like that, but we got a road win (I honestly thought there was a good chance that on selection sunday the biggest talking point about us would be if the committee ever let a team in that didn't win a single road game). We avoided what appears to be the last chance to have a bad loss. Our win against FSU continues to trend well. And now we're set up with some momentum going into a big resume opportunity week. Though I am a bit concerned whether the OSU win will end up being a quad 1 win at the end of the day. Trolling side note: great job by Archie coaching eight 3's to go into the basketball ring tonight. We needed those. Irrelevant side note: Vandy went 0-25 from three tonight. Ooof.
  11. NashvilleHoosier


    Oh man....I hesitantly came to the board today expecting to catch up on a few days of miserable pitchforking and torching and I instead find out a season 3 of Ozark is coming? Wow, what a positive twist to start the day!
  12. I was a freshman when he was fired. So I grew up watching the teams he coached and fell in love with IU hoops while he was there. I could be in the minority here, but he could never show his face around campus ever again and I’d be completely fine with that. If he comes tomorrow, fine. Great. It will be a madhouse. But I couldn’t possibly care less if he ever came back. He’s been nothing but a grumpy curmudgeon. I don’t even care how much he felt like he was wronged. (This is the part where I leave his politics out of the discussion on a sports message board.) I don’t wish ill will on anyone. I know his condition has worsened. I hope he lives out the rest of his life as best he and his family could hope for. But as for whether he ever shows up....I don’t care at all.
  13. This has been the biggest thing that has bugged me about him this year. Aside from any of my thoughts on how much he has or has not improved, of all things, his instagram activity just kills me. FOR THE RECORD....I do not, never have, and never will interact with any player, prospect, recruit, etc. on social media. But I do follow some. An example of what kills me is Devonte reposted something to his instagram story from (I believe) the Big Ten Network's account of him taking a shot during the Maryland game. Whatever the caption was, it was somewhat flattering. But he's reposting this after a game where the team got their @$$es handed to them. Just leave it alone man. Not a good look at all.
  14. NashvilleHoosier

    Jack Maher - Generation adidas Deal

    That's awesome. I've got another reason to be excited about this club! Nashville's soccer culture has grown pretty incredibly over the last decade or so. I think the MLS club will be very well supported.