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  1. @barstoolWSD These ******* guys https://t.co/jTeM2cW7cu

  2. @jessespector Nebraska, Iowa, you're right, what's the difference?

  3. @PeteBlackburn The only thing more dangerous than a 2 goal lead is a 3 goal lead, right?

  4. @scottmerkin Herbert Perry

  5. @chakerview @richard_conway @BBCWorld @realDonaldTrump @FIFAWorldCup But it belongs in Qatar? GMAFB

  6. @condoclub730 @barstoolWSD You don't? https://t.co/vdAY8I3Zxr

  7. @BizNasty2point0 Hahaha - I get it now, my b

  8. @KaboomLip @CST_soxvan Yeah, screw him for having fun!

  9. @lindacohn And yet Fleury failed in the playoffs for so many years, and then his backup won the Cup (and then becam… https://t.co/gvVb7smNP2

  10. @TomFornelli Looks to be a Jamaican book. That's $424 USD on an $8 bet. Good for him, but very misleading.

  11. @WriteSox Except Cubs fans paid a premium for OD, so they have to play it tomorrow.

  12. NBC Sports Chicago didn't get the 'Jersey D' memo @sportslogosnet @UniWatch @PhilHecken https://t.co/M120z260JC

  13. @soxmachine_josh He did tag and went back. He can run on 1st touch, doesn't need to wait for it to be caught.

  14. @ChronicHoosier Hate that whole idea. Last thing I want to see is rivals win and increase their recruiting pull.

  15. @MattysCrazyMind @localyoakal @ManthonyCourant @curtisburch @MattysCrazyMind what's hilarious about that, is the cu… https://t.co/dsjm1YQFs9