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  1. @TonyD1070 Can they be the middle brother? Not quite big brother, but not little brother either.

  2. @HPEmilyG https://t.co/emCP4TJCY3

  3. @GVanderbur https://t.co/YiwDPgIWyV

  4. @PaulPabst That poll question should basically be: Would you rather be Dan or a Danette?

  5. @Justin_Albers @dariusgarland22 @yeahyeah_22 They will have a really good recruiting class.

  6. @JMV1070 @TonyD1070 Is Joey on Cincy MT. Rushmore?

  7. Could this be the Hoosiers? https://t.co/rInYa7kiJ2

  8. @openwheelKT I'm just wondering inn kids can be deemed ineligible from this

  9. @jakequery As long as they showed the video of him punting the ball better than @PatMcAfeeShow to the rafters.

  10. @Zeb_Wise39 @TyCourtney23 I heard he had a good spotter

  11. @TonyD1070 @KyleLarsonRacin The press would be upset for having to go to Charlotte and wait until after the 600 to… https://t.co/3s4Yf7wxzS

  12. @dpshow @andrewperloff @brooklynfritzy If you started with $100 and let it ride for 22 games. #statoftheday https://t.co/DuoJuqNpu8

  13. @brooklynfritzy @andrewperloff Was last night the 1st NE loss at Foxboro in Brady era after taking a lead into the 4th quarter? 105-1 now

  14. @MatthewBerryTMR drafting a 14 team non ppr tonight. Is Zeke still round 3 with playing week 1 then sitting?

  15. @JMV1070 what should I start doing now to prepare my yard for winter? #askpat