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  1. @GVanderbur I'm just selfish and wanna see him in anything with 5 wheels

  2. @ClayTravis Let's get the former @iubbhoosiers star some votes!!! https://t.co/ecI3EB6Ipb

  3. Really great to see @jeff_gluck 's reaction to @cbnationals. The amount of coverage he helped provide is immeasurab… https://t.co/9BKdnZAhJr

  4. Really wish @dish didn't suck

  5. 4 drivers in the same qualifier. Bummer

  6. RT @chucksapienza: Which ESPN channel only shows the drama on the Alabama sidelines? #CFPChampionship

  7. Peterman to save the day

  8. @JMV1070 Kool and The Gang @HoosierPark on February 3

  9. @DerekStitt trade out and gather picks.

  10. @TonyD1070 @JMV1070 How much of a candidate will Bill O'Brien be in Indy if he's out in Houston?

  11. @TonyD1070 Arians back to Indy?

  12. RT @gordonhayward: Let's do another @DestinyTheGame giveaway for my fans. RT for your chance to win some more signed goodness. Rules: htt…

  13. If that's not targeting, then targeting doesn't exist.

  14. @andrewperloff NFL HAS TO get GPS in balls

  15. @ClayTravis @Outkick @KayceSmith How soon after stadium is finished does Las Vegas get a Super Bowl?