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    Lover of all things Shonda Rhimes. Grew up an IU fan but support some other teams. Lover of college basketball and softball.

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  1. OliviaPope40

    Daily MLB Banter

    My aunt said the same thing.
  2. OliviaPope40

    College Bball Thread

    How is Danny Manning still at Wake Forest?
  3. I thought the half time presentations of former players was very informal and Henderson was reading from note cards but he did have good things to say.
  4. OliviaPope40

    IUBB @ Maryland - 1/4/20 @ Noon

    Welp I have tickets to NW and OSU.
  5. OliviaPope40

    IUBB vs Arkansas 12/29 @ 6 pm BTN

    I honestly don't remember Durham getting ejected from last night. Devonte scares me when he shoots.
  6. OliviaPope40

    IUBB vs Arkansas 12/29 @ 6 pm BTN

    I was at the game and oh my lord. I was not the one screaming on FT's.
  7. OliviaPope40

    IUBB vs Nebraska 12/13 8 pm BTN

    I have tickets to next Saturday's game and I told my dad the game tying 3 was coming.
  8. OliviaPope40

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    Although I watched a good portion of the game.
  9. OliviaPope40

    IUBB vs Wisconsin Game Thread 12/7 @ 4:30 pm BTN

    Was watching LSU and Georgia.
  10. TJD impressed the heck out of me.
  11. OliviaPope40

    Welcome to the 2019-2020 IUBB Season

    I fall in love this time of the year forget Valentine's Day.
  12. OliviaPope40

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Avenatti I don't trust farther than I can throw him the guy clearly has some big beef with Nike.
  13. OliviaPope40

    Baby announcement

    My sister had her baby Thursday night around 10:00. Both mom and baby went home yesterday. They named him William but are calling him Will. Aunt Olivia lost out on her naming request again.
  14. OliviaPope40

    IU Softball

    I was going to publish this.
  15. OliviaPope40

    State of the program

    I would agree with that.