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    Lover of all things Shonda Rhimes. Grew up an IU fan but support some other teams. Lover of college basketball and softball.

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  1. OliviaPope40

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Are physician offices deemed essential?
  2. OliviaPope40

    A Transfer Coming?

    He also got little to no time at all in their last five games.
  3. OliviaPope40

    Dakich under investigation

    How in the world is he still employed by ESPN?
  4. OliviaPope40

    IU Softball

  5. OliviaPope40

    IU Softball

    I know the Ivy League has cancelled their spring sports.
  6. OliviaPope40

    BTT cancelled

    I know other conferences are canceling as well. Have to wonder how long before the tournament itself is cancelled.
  7. I have tickets for Saturday as a birthday gift from my parents.
  8. OliviaPope40

    IU Softball

    Thank you for catching all of these.
  9. From the looks of it that what he says too shame there's no audio.
  10. OliviaPope40

    IU Football Off-Season

    https://policies.iu.edu/policies/ua-03-sexual-misconduct/index.html Title IX university policy.
  11. OliviaPope40

    IU Softball

  12. I always said Stevens was waiting for that job to open up.