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  1. Today was Hoosier Hysteria. Somehow I was lucky enough to broadcast Hoosier Hysteria for the #1 team in the nation…… https://t.co/DYoAEzwHFj

  2. RT @World_Wide_Wob: Absolutely amazing weird NBA moment find by @NBA_Reddit's u/Colvjs, every Suns player starts running at same EXACT time…

  3. This has me dying lol https://t.co/OWCn9ivqrc

  4. @gibso14qb You watch 3 or 4 Cubs games and are now the knowall, huh?

  5. @HolderStephen No, I get that. I just don’t get that he’s not cleared to play in a game, but is all good to full go in practice

  6. RT @LucianRandolph: 1) This is a former Staff Sergeant and Calvary Scout. He is in Puerto Rico. He's telling you the truth. FEMA and POTUS…

  7. Peyton Manning.

  8. Tony Romo is incredible.

  9. RT @srmcclure: @CoachAdragna @thadvandeventer @IndianaSRN @CoachCuz5 @SOPOBC @SopoIMC @Anchor_SHS @theSHSjournal @CoachKSimpson ????️????????️ https…

  10. Wake up, wake up, wake up...

  11. That hit is worthy of an ejection. So dangerous.

  12. RT @IDSMensSoccer: FINAL: #1 Indiana 1-0 #7 Notre Dame 67' - Panchot IU earns a massive victory over Notre Dame; well earned. Tremendous…

  13. @NightKingArmy That makes no sense

  14. Part 2 coming soon? #GoCubsGo https://t.co/VdojL7PpN1

  15. This may take @jawwwwnnnn a few different tweets to list them all ????????????