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  1. HoosierHoops1

    College Bball Thread

    Well, they won the one that matters.
  2. HoosierHoops1

    Prediction League (Game 5 - Princeton 11/20/19)

    IU 91 Smart PU 70
  3. HoosierHoops1

    College Bball Thread

    I think JMo was a 4 star, but I don't remember people discounting a 4-stars ability to help as much as people did Morgan, leading up to his freshman year.
  4. HoosierHoops1

    College Bball Thread

    and he's only missed 67% of the 2 pointers.
  5. HoosierHoops1

    College Bball Thread

    PureDoo shot 20-59(34%), 6-24(25%) AND 9-21(43%). Wouldn't want to watch a PureDoo Providence game.
  6. As would be Hunter, experience-wise
  7. Nursing an injury. Cam said he would be available, but likely didn't see a need to play him
  8. He did do something; Aren't Leal and Galloway considered good shooters?
  9. HoosierHoops1

    Prediction League (Game 3 - North Alabama 11/12/19)

    88 IU 53 NO Alabama
  10. HoosierHoops1

    College Bball Thread

    I'm sure they are well aware that the mail comes later Nov-Mar, even if they don't know why.
  11. HoosierHoops1

    Prediction League (Game 2 - Portland State 11/9/19)

    Quarry Folk 95 Stumptown U 66
  12. HoosierHoops1

    College Bball Thread

    Wow. That's surprising!
  13. HoosierHoops1

    IU vs WIU- Game Thread 11/5 @ 7 pm BTN+

    Listen here https://tunein.com/radio/Indiana-Basketball-s308287/ Listen on computer, not on cell.