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  1. jk34

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Looking forward to watching this group of ladies! I believe we have a chance to be a really good team.
  2. jk34

    Random IUWBB Recruiting

    Is Bendu healthy and ready to go? Haven't heard much about her recovery.
  3. Keep blaming everyone else for your lack of knowledge. All of the experts are obviously wrong on Penix as well. 20 completions in a row against a top 10 defense in the country at the time is pretty impressive.
  4. So it's his fault they lost that game? You're obviously watching a different quarterback that everyone else is.
  5. How about a quarterback who completes 20 passes in a row and moves the chains to keep the defense off of the field? Not to mention one who can run the RPO, and is only going to get better. He's not just flinging the the ball 60 yards every play. Kids want to play with a dynamic talent like Penix!
  6. jk34

    (2020) SG Anthony Leal to IU

    The football bar has been set low since I can remember. And the basketball bar was pretty low when Glass took over. Not defending either person, but whether you're an optimist or pessimist, the realist in all of us needs to come out. Unless we give these coaches four to five years to fully cycle in their own players, we will continue this trend that started way before Glass or McRobbie arrived!
  7. Someone even mentioned that Penix wasn't the right quarterback for what we need. SMH! Not even sure what that means.
  8. jk34

    College Football Thread

    Sounds alot like a portion of our very own fan base!
  9. jk34

    Fire Fred Glass

    And yet we're still getting the most talent that IU football has ever fielded.
  10. jk34

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Best post of the day!
  11. Yes, but let's see how he does against better competition! lol
  12. jk34

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    Were we expected to beat them? Can't remember the line on the game.
  13. jk34

    Fire or ‘Way to Go!’ Tom Allen?

    This is coming from the same people who couldn't tell the huge difference between Penix and Ramsey.
  14. And yet Scott has over 160 yards rushing