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  1. Make it easy on yourself and split it down the middle! Always one extreme to the other.
  2. Best of luck to this fine young man!
  3. jk34

    College Bball Thread

    Boeheim has a bigger rap sheet than some guys behind bars! Winning at all costs is the norm in our society.
  4. jk34

    Coronavirus and Its Impact

    Can you start including recoveries and % of deaths also? Those are also very important numbers as well!
  5. Great thread! Love these stories!
  6. When we beat the Soviet Union at Market Square!
  7. Never knocked Creans players. Most importantly, they were IU players! 3 of the 4 players he " inherited or wouldn't have recruited " were the healthiest players the past two years. 1-no tournament 2- nit 3-ncaa Not sure Archie is the answer, but if you don't see improvement, that's your view. Any business would take that kind of growth in year 3.
  8. jk34

    College Bball Thread

    Nice to hear the backstory.
  9. What have been his other options the past few years?
  10. I agree partly on the system, however his recruiting shows more of his vision than his resume at IU thus far. Rob, Hunter, Race, Lander, Geronimo,TJD etc. I believe those long scoring draughts are going to be in the rear view mirror. (hopefully) Nothing against Al and Justin, but I don't believe Archie would have recruited them in a full recruiting cycle. 2way players and "want to" players is what he's looking for.
  11. jk34

    College Bball Thread

    First couple of years of Landon Turner
  12. jk34

    (2021) C - Franck Kepnang

    How much?