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  1. HoosierReb01

    (2017) WR Joshua Johnson to IU

    Central Arkansas Christian
  2. HoosierReb01

    (2016) LB Dee Walker

    Colquitt County
  3. HoosierReb01

    (2016) DT Amir Watts

  4. HoosierReb01

    (2016) WR Desmond Fitzpatrick

  5. HoosierReb01

    (2016) OT Sam Heckel to Syracuse

    Waukesha West
  6. HoosierReb01

    (2016) OT Sean Foster

    Carmel Catholic
  7. HoosierReb01

    (2016) TE Albert Okwuegbunam to Missouri

    Sacred Heart Griffin
  8. HoosierReb01

    (2016) JUCO OL Paul Ramirez

    San Bernardino Valley C.C.
  9. HoosierReb01

    (2016) TE Robert Tucker

    B.E.S.T. Academy
  10. HoosierReb01

    (2016) RB Trey Ragas

    Archbishop Shaw
  11. HoosierReb01

    (2016) TE Chase Allen

    Nixa High School